Sunday, February 3, 2013

New Manwhore Slutwear!

sim3pack and package, not valid for random

I joined the Dark Side, thanks to Elexis (and she didn't even have to use cookies). 
You can follow me on TUMBLR now if you wish so.
I use it mainly for hosting sim pictures but there are also occasional downloads.
It's a thing of fun but I still love my Blogspot place <3

In my humble opinion, the idea of 70s 80s 90s stuff pack wasn't clever at all. Why? Is that because retro theme isn't cool? Nope. The problem is EA and their regular generosity. The amount of content usually provided by a SP would be barely enough for one decade. And we get three. Duh.
Does that mean I regret installing 70's 80's 90s SP? Nope!
The items we get are either cool or hilarious (PORNSTACHE! yay!). I see much potential creator-wise, too. New meshes to frankenmesh and new textures to mix. I got so many ideas for stuff I had to write them down.

One of them is my today's upload.
There's plenty of slutwear for women, right? You just enter a family-friendly site like T$R and bam, here you are, female slutwear. However, sim men are kinda discriminated in this area.
But don't worry, here comes vonFregeINC to save your day!
New manwhore slutwear is made of delicious shiny fabric with a nice touch of fishnet on the sides. You got also a rockin' studded belt with a fabulous glitter star buckle. 
You can wear it everytime and everywhere you want. Pair it with pornstache and become a real magnet for women!

You can also wear it for the next queer partay:

Unfortunately, Blondie couldn't join the party 'cause he was too busy with work. He had to participate in an important business meeting.
Man at work

Unfortunately, some clipping issues will appear when you put it on a very fat guy.
But Voldi is a really big-boned one, so I think you don't have to worry.

Regular previews time!

I'm gonna leave this one unedited. Just because I can.

I guess I can call it a day!
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  1. nice as always <3 you must do more stuff like that :3

  2. I love you so much! Thanks to you my hotties looks even hotter! It's so hard to find good sexy male clothing that's not mainstream!

    Reminded me of Cartman

  4. Thank you so much! tammy Tran and all my tarts thank you !!! It took me forever to find you. i am so happy i did!!

  5. Link keeps telling me I need "SpeedyShare Premium" to download. :(

  6. Yeah. How about uploading it somewhere we can get it from? Thanks!

  7. I love all your stuff but can't download any of it. Please find somewhere else to upload to.

  8. I love 'em! My slutty male sims have so few choices, these will be a nice addition to my wardrobes. And though I am disturbed by the porn stache, I must say that it's been years since I've heard this song. Thank you for bringing it up again.

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  10. Your stuff always makes me laugh XDDDDD

  11. I wish I could download these, but for some reason I need to allow firefox to allow such a big file to download (Don't know how to do that... / don't have that option...)
    would you by chance be able to make this available on another downloading area?

  12. any reason you cant use mediafire? i have 0 problems downloading from them but box/mega/etc all screw me over and how am i supposed to dress my guy sims like whores if all i can download is ugly robes and boxers :'(

  13. Manwhores everywhere are rejoicing and screaming your name. You are their hero! But you're not done yet! Elders should be allowed to let their freak flags fly too (whether we want to see them or not).