Saturday, July 21, 2012

Petite et chic! Some moar goodies for your tots!

Tops used: base game, generations, store set KIDS! 2010 and my latest toddler tank, shoes all from KIDS! 2010 set.
No, I haven't changed my line of business, I'm not pregnant and I had no revelation of Virgin Mary in the morning coffee, telling me to stop sinning!
I'm just following the words of my american literature tutor:
"Try to fill the blank space."
So here I am, on a guest to give your toddlers a decent clothing!
You can call me your no 1 toddler and crossdressing wear resource!
Ooh, it sounds catchy. I should put it in my banner or what!
So yeah, here we go with a totally new mesh by me - a separate toddler skirt.
Always wanted to make one.
As far as I know, there are no separate toddler skirts apart from Store one and my former tutu skirt, yea? Correct me if I'm wrong!
So yeah, now you can have it - two versions, regular and denim one!
I think they turned out pretty neat and they match any top. Denim one has some little problems in the upper part when put together with nude top, but no one wants to see topless kiddos in minis anyway.
Awww, fuck off pedobear! 
Ahh, yeah, defenders of morality. Again, if you find toddlers in minis arousing, then it's your problem, not mine. Cut off your balls, thank you, bye.
I also made some cute overknees with a tiny bow. I'm very happy with the way it turned out, I may convert it for the other age groups.
Let's see the pictures!

Yeah! I hope you like it!
Time for the happy family pic!
<insert unicorn sparkles here>
Uffff, normality!
Ahh and I have to give Stefan a grief because he expected my toddlers to be ugly. Has anyone ever called you a dumb stupid teenage sexually frustrated homophobic lesbian slut just because you're my son? Nopeh! Voldi's daughter ugly? You hurt her feelings ;(

Awww, yeah. I think it's all for today. Things I'm planning to do soon:
1. Moar toddler stuff, toddler sneakers, night gown, jeans and some tops.
2. A wedding fucking veil!
3. Something fetishy for femmes et hommes.
4. A sim upload! I'm not sure yet who will be the first, I got two types ^^
5. Something for manwhores, moar regular and crossdressing as well.
6. Something for adult females
7. A lot of other sim shit
8. Make 666 gays go straight for me for one night stand.
9. Become the pokemon master.

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Wednesday 13 is awesome! Anything he touches turns into the sparkling unicorn rainbow shit <3

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A lil' ballerina! Something new for your toddlers!

Links updated!

Hiya my fagsy sparkling vampires!
Don't you think our simmy lil' ones have almost nothing to wear? I do so because of the baby boom in my game, I made these! XD
This is the conversion of the famous sims 2 Peggy's tutu, rescaled and remade to fit toddlers!
I also painted some long panties/short leggins for the sake of decency!
I know there will be guys who find this provocative and pedophilic anyway. Well, if you find it sexually appealing in any way, you're sick and sorry to say, but you have to part ways with your balls!
And hell nope, I won't be doing these for boys!
It basically means that there will be NO pictures of gay toddlers making out in drag!
Sorry if it's the first time you haven't find my entry fap-worthy!
If you come here for kix, go ask Newsea where they found their toddler bondage outfit!
Fuck yeah, BDSM toddlers!
But first please heal the world and go castrate yourself!
Okay. That's all. I'm going to make more toddlers stuff so don't be suprised when vonFregeINC turns to family friendly site!
(aww okay that will never happen)
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Time for an inappropriate song!
OK, that song has nothing to do with the pedophilia! It's simply one of the coolest songs ever written and there are some midgets dancing around in the video! Awesome!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Ita-Lolita! Made In China Lolita Dress for your adult females and bowjob update!

X-tina suggested that BowJob clips would be nice for children, too, so I decided to make these for the following age groups:
Btw, when I was changing the age groups via the MasterController, something weird happened... XD
Seems like all my fantasies can finally come true in Sims... 

So yeah, back to the main topic.
I must thank Irinka for the mesh I used. While I slightly disliked the texture, I consider the mesh super-adorable! <3
So I retextured it to suit my sophisticated tastes.
I was inspired by made-in-china-lolita-dresses-inspired-by-the-japanese-lolita-dresses. You know, I really love japanese lolita fashion, full of details, made from the top-notch materials, amazing! But why pay so much when you can half it ALMOST the same for 1/3 of the price? A few inches shorter? So what? Clumsily sewn? Awww, details. Fabric lace instead of cotton lace? Who cares.
So here comes the Ita-Lolita Dress!

Yeah, I'm pretty satisfied with the details here. I spent a freakin' amount of time on them XD
It's enabled for everyday and formal categories. Three recolorable areas - the dress, the lace and the belt.
The shoes that really compliment the dress:
probably my favourite sim shoes ever :3
Adorable pair!
Quite an ad here, but I really think so. PPL reported that they don't show up in game and I think I figured out the problem so re-download please! If still doesn't work, let me know :<

Some weird stripes appear in CAS, but don't worry, it disappear in live mode!
I hope you will enjoy the dress :> I wanna see your simmies wear that piece of crap!
Awww what do you think about the Diesel Stuff Pack? I was about to skip that one but then something caught my attention....
Aww the elven eyes ov mine, what thou see?
Let's take a close-up...

We have to celebrate this! Dudes, LAUNCH YOUR FIREWORKS !!!
ATTENTION! Switch to porn when mommy comes in, it will be easier to explain...


So, yeah. I hope you did enjoy the show. Three more things for you to do:
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Hot dudes we have problems too, we're just like you, except we get paid, paid, paid...

2. Comment on my crap if you like it. Flattering comments and tobbaco smoke are important for the proper child development!

3. If you have seen him around, bring him to me and have all my money....
*waving with the I WANT TO HAVE YOUR BABIES RACHEL transparent*

Fuck yeah.

What a touching ballad! Nobody has ever sang about the anal sex in such a beautiful way...
Baby how you gonna get to Heaven if you can't take a little pain? 
Masterpiece lyrics! Poetry!

In case you hve ever wondered if I'm on drugs while writing my entries - nope, I'm not, but this song puts me in a sort of creating trance!

Friday, July 13, 2012


I hope you don't mind me jumping on the AdFly bandwagoon. You know, I'm a starving orphan who suffers from a serious heart disease so I need $$$, blah, blah blah. All you have to do is wait 5 seconds and click "skip ad" in the right upper corner then you will be directed to   
speedyshare so you can have your free crap and I can have my free money

[not valid for random]

Bonsoir dudes and dudettes!
I'm really happy to announce that after half of the year of struggling with my narrow mind I finally mastered something like 5% of meshing! It's really cool to expand your horizons! XD
So this is my first mesh that didn't explode.*Happy dancing, titty shakin'*
Actually it's more like mesh conversion because I stole took borrowed decided to use the cultural heritage that Sims 2 left behind. I converted Simal10 TSR accessory bow for sims 2 and re-shaped it a bit to match my aesthetic tastes more.
I also adjusted it for sims 3 so you can have it any color and pattern in three recolorable areas.
I hope Simal10 doesn't mind it. In case she/he does, she/he should contact Gabriel, vonFregeINC's Mesh Borrowing Department Manager:
So big thanks for Simal10!
Because I attached the mesh to the b_hat_grip bone, it's compatible with AWT HAT CONTROL sliders. It means you can adjust the position of the bow so it can match any hair you want, even the worst Peggy's ones. XDD

I'm a big fan of haircrap like that even if I don't wear it anymore. It's just tres adorable. XD
So I guess there will be more options in the future, like with heart, button or orthodox church icon instead of Jack. We'll see.

And yes, I made a manwhore version too. Why? BECAUSE I CAN! XD

I mean if there are people who like to do Dirty Sanchez then I'm sure there are ppl who like to accessorize guys with bows. Plus shirtlesss angry dudes with the pink bows in the hair are hot.
It's not valid for random so no townie dudes will run around with bows in your game.

By the way, I have stole Katy Perrvy's Glucose Overdose Stuff Pack!
... so I decided to put it into the right usage:

Ahhhh my little cute teeny weeny barbie dollies ;33333

That's all for today! I have zillion ideas for stuff now. 
Have fun and don't forget to like me on Facebook if you like watch the hot dude doing Yoga!
Yeah. Beautiful views here.

You probably know the LGR dude, right? He does cool sims games reviews. I absolutely adore this dude and his attitude. <3 
I enjoy his LGR plays series with the original sims. So nostalgic!
And his sexy Duke Nukem voice makes me WILD mwahaha XD

And this is the story of my future life XD

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Lace and satin corset. Manwhore Edit!

Sims3crap and package format inside

Hiya my tiny gummiberries!
Thank you for the nice welcome-back! Still I'm kinda disappointed you didn't make a welcome back party with baloons and clowns. :( Next time remember, I need the stuff like this. My parents never have made me a birthday party at McSatan's. <SAD SAD FACE> That was kind of a luxury thing back when I was young. Holy crap, I'm still young and it's still kind of the luxury in Poland anyway... at least for country people.

A random thought has come to my brilliant mind - with a very small selection of the male clothing in our community, soon there will be moar trannylicious crap than the regular crap! Thanks to me, ha!
Today upload is kinda clear. Moar manwhore crap for you! Corset, pants, stockings (let me know if you want them for females, because I don't know, there are so many stockings in the sims world) and undershi(r)t which I forgot to make pic of. Who needs a male undershirt anyway, male nipples are just fucking delicious. XD
What more I can tell you? Let's see what our satisfied customers said 'bout our product!

Forsetti el Pisiorro, 28, stripper at the gay club:
"Von Frege INC corset is fapalicious! It helped me improve my stage performance. THANK YOU!"
Alejandro Canaliorra, 26, full time gigolo:
"Yeah, I like how the deep shade of pink compliments my perfect tanned skin and flawless mocca hair."
Lordi Voldi, 40, newlywed wife:
I was so nervous for my wedding night! You know, it was my first time doing IT! But vonFregeINC lingerie gave me more self-confidence and it was brilliant! THANK YOU!
Paweuchi-chan, 24, member of the brutal blackened metal band:
[enthusiastically] NO PLEASE! I meant it's the best thing I have ever worn!

Cyril Leon le Fagot, 22, aspiring millionaire:
Can't talk, I'm busy with making money.

As you see, every guy needs it! Go get it XD
Fuck yeah, it's understood, necro-feeling great, necro feeling good.
Well well, is someone stealing donuts from the photo set? X.X
Naughty naughty boy... ^^

I'm almost done. There're two more things you HAVE TO do. NOW.
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This one is kinda expensive, from the bored cougar gold limited edition, but you can also get almost the same "My sweet little Voldi", made in China but still not so easy to destroy!

2. Vote for my son Stefan (White Crow) in the NFA contest! If he doesn't win, I'll lock him up in the basement, with no dinner and big black dildo up his ass or maybe not the bitch would love it so... the choice is yours.

Also, if you haven't done it yet, HERE you can grab my older stuff which was deleted by mediafire.

And this is the song for an asshole who made things that way!