Friday, July 13, 2012


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[not valid for random]

Bonsoir dudes and dudettes!
I'm really happy to announce that after half of the year of struggling with my narrow mind I finally mastered something like 5% of meshing! It's really cool to expand your horizons! XD
So this is my first mesh that didn't explode.*Happy dancing, titty shakin'*
Actually it's more like mesh conversion because I stole took borrowed decided to use the cultural heritage that Sims 2 left behind. I converted Simal10 TSR accessory bow for sims 2 and re-shaped it a bit to match my aesthetic tastes more.
I also adjusted it for sims 3 so you can have it any color and pattern in three recolorable areas.
I hope Simal10 doesn't mind it. In case she/he does, she/he should contact Gabriel, vonFregeINC's Mesh Borrowing Department Manager:
So big thanks for Simal10!
Because I attached the mesh to the b_hat_grip bone, it's compatible with AWT HAT CONTROL sliders. It means you can adjust the position of the bow so it can match any hair you want, even the worst Peggy's ones. XDD

I'm a big fan of haircrap like that even if I don't wear it anymore. It's just tres adorable. XD
So I guess there will be more options in the future, like with heart, button or orthodox church icon instead of Jack. We'll see.

And yes, I made a manwhore version too. Why? BECAUSE I CAN! XD

I mean if there are people who like to do Dirty Sanchez then I'm sure there are ppl who like to accessorize guys with bows. Plus shirtlesss angry dudes with the pink bows in the hair are hot.
It's not valid for random so no townie dudes will run around with bows in your game.

By the way, I have stole Katy Perrvy's Glucose Overdose Stuff Pack!
... so I decided to put it into the right usage:

Ahhhh my little cute teeny weeny barbie dollies ;33333

That's all for today! I have zillion ideas for stuff now. 
Have fun and don't forget to like me on Facebook if you like watch the hot dude doing Yoga!
Yeah. Beautiful views here.

You probably know the LGR dude, right? He does cool sims games reviews. I absolutely adore this dude and his attitude. <3 
I enjoy his LGR plays series with the original sims. So nostalgic!
And his sexy Duke Nukem voice makes me WILD mwahaha XD

And this is the story of my future life XD


  1. I love it :)! Thank you, thank you, thank youu!

  2. I love this bow and your rants, aha!

  3. These bows are very cute :D Thank you very much!

  4. Thanks my little gummiberries <3 I'm so happy
    I hope to see them on your simmies :>

  5. yea make more of these please!! the heart one would be cute! or make another hair clip, you can never have too many lol i use this one all the time!

  6. I love these bows, but where did you find the hair those are awesome