Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Goth Girls Are Easssyyyy! Moar Leather Slutwear Pour Femmes!

[both formats]
well I hate Sims3Pack format but I got a sims3pack option request so I did a good deed because I want to go to heaven... I hope the good God will take it under consideration on the Judgement Day. May also update older files later.

Hi there.
I received strange e-mails these days. You guys have to decide wheter I'm a dykon or a homophobe. You can't be homophobic LGBT movement supporter. Or maybe you can? Well if a sphere can turn out to be a square everything is possible. Sims 3 Scene Homophobic Dykon sounds cool, it's even moar alternative than korean soap operas. But keep your hands off hipsters, I was the first!

Today I bring you some new slutwear, x-tra short leather skirt. Yea, x-tra short, but you know, goth girls are easy. I prefer sexy side of the goth with sexy hedonistic vampires in leather over the I'm-A-Fat-Teenager-In-Lace-I-Like-Nightwish-And-No-One-Likes-Me-So-I-Am-Drowning-In-The-Dark-Lake-Of-My-Tears-Whatever. I hate so called gothic/symphonic female fronted metal. Male-fronted can be if the singer is sexy.but only on mute :D Yeah, I used to like Nightwish when I was a young lass with a rich inner life but now I'm a dumb horny slut.
By the way, when you can say that a girl is easy?I know some girls have some kind of dating schedule and it goes like that:
First date: NOLI ME TANGERE! But pay for my dinner, of course.
Third date: okay, let's give me peek in a cheek and some flowers
10th date: Have you spent enough money on me? Okay, let's do what they call french kissing.
666th date and fortune gone with a wind: okay, you can finally squirt your baby gravy all over my face.
Next day: Fuck off, your penis is way too small.
 But how could a girl follow these rules when she mets a sexy bitch with a hot guitar? :<

Okay, let's get back to the topic.
The skirt has 4 variations but all of them have the same belt and heavily studded back pockets. Awww, it must be painful to sit while wearing this X.X

Basic one.
With recolorable side lacings. Btw I do love the hair by IrKatty. <3 I need moar of crazy scene hair like that! If you ever make some with zebra streaks I will give you my first born son. When he grows up and reads this blog, he will thank U for that  :D
So do scene hair, save children from the pathological families!
Stockings with bow will be released soon.
Side lacing again. The corset top and shoes may be released some day.
With side zippers. Because side zippers are moar hip than STRAIGHT ones.
With many zippers and some x-tra studs on front.

You can take your color slider left or right to adjust how shiny the leather should be.
Or make it brown if you're a crazy weirdo and no one likes you.
Yeah, I know there's nothing bad about brown leather but I just hate it XD
Enabled in formal and everyday categories.
I hope you like it. I'm gonna make a pure recolorable and patternable version soon and maybe some patterns by me.

Aww and I'm looking for handsome* male strippers in bunny outfits, deformed car crash victims and midget hookers for my birthday orgy. If someone is interested @mail me xD 
*They should look like young Rachel Bolan of Skid Row, my celebrity dream date XD

Okay, enough of that. Have fun, let's get drunk, smoke some pot and party with Bon Scott. And like me on FACEBOOK if you think loadin' properly is too mainstream!


  1. Oooooooh yay more leather! >:) Me likey!

  2. that's fine, because I just was told how bad it looks and how annoying the presentation is :C

  3. I think thats a great presentation as well as all you do.
    I'm downloading the skirts \o/ I'm in love with them (especially with the side lacing)!

  4. Both links lead to sims 3 packs with different names. The one thats suppose to be a package is a sim3pack named "spodniczkiskorzane". The other one is "Kopia wvf_leatherskirt". Which is the correct one?

  5. Awww I have confused something :D Both are the same file but with different name, I'm replacing the file in a minute
    Thank U very much for report!

  6. and thank U for ur comment Julz, it's a honour to think some of yours sims will maybe wear these :D

  7. Thank you for the lovely skirts. <3 When Showtime comes out, there's a rumor that we'll be able to edit career outfits. If so, this is going to look really nice on my Bridgeport bartenders.

    If you don't mind me asking, I really love the look of your curvy red-head. Is there any chance you'll be sharing your sims in the future? |D

  8. OMG!!I love it!!
    Thank you so much!!

  9. @Kebechet
    Yeah, it should make a lovely bartender outfit! Great idea!
    The curvy red-head is actually my self-sim (but I'm not a redhead anymore... still curvy, though lol) so I feel kinda complimented! Thank U: :g
    To be honest I have written bios for most of my sims and I have a lot of pictures, too, the only thing that left to do is to make a list of CC like skins, sliders etc etc
    I hate that part >.<
    but someday I'm gonna do it! I promise! XD

    @JS Sims 3
    You made Wiq very happy with your comment *.*

  10. What do you mean, children? Britney Spears and Lady Gaga are two very good example of what children look at and you think that mini skirt will offend them? The Music Industrie has never been more naked, and children adore, praise, imitate them all the time. It's already out of control. Hahahahaha! The children! Good one. It's too late in the 20th century to think about those things. Sorry.
    No offense.

    To the creator, your text made me smile a couple of times, and that skirt is lovely! Can't wait to try it on my favorite sim!

  11. Wasn't referring to the skirt, please re-read her text, particularly the part that was for me.

  12. i love this skirt its awesome and super sexy like all your other stuff but for some reason i dl some of your things like this skirt ands install it but it wont show up in my game is it because its meant for one of the upgrades like late night? i lonely have the base game

    btw your cruvy sims are to die for love them

  13. ^It won't show up in my game either :(

  14. lmao I love your posts so much, pure comedy.

    And the texture is lovely, thanks so much! ^^

  15. Guhh. It says that they've been removed for violation :( reupload? I'd love to have these!

  16. Me too! Please reupload them and thanks in advance for this wonderful things u make! :)

  17. The download link says, "This file can only be downloaded with SpeedyShare Premium. Get Premium Now!" Dame thing for the nightie. :/

  18. I love female-fronted metal... >_<
    And I also love these skirts! Great job! :D

  19. I love female-fronted metal... >_<
    And I also love these skirts! Great job! :D