Friday, September 28, 2012

Drop Dead Legs Leggins!

Both formats. Two separate files - for accessory leggins so you can wear them with full outfits and top+bottom combo and another one for bottom leggins which you can wear with longer tops. Or shorter tops, I'm not here to judge your fashion taste, lol.

Bad news. My bewbs are hurting as hell O.O In case I'll die of cancer, know I always loved and cared about you. My aspiring millionaire friend will inherit all my unreleased textures so prepare to see 'em on The $hit Resource. Terrible overpriced.
Somebody wanted to have Ita Lolita dress back, so HERE you got it, re-uploaded. Thanks for letting me know!
Thanks for the amazing response to my latest work. You seem to really like it, judging by  the amount of downloads. Also, thanks for your lovely comments!

Today I give ya some new leggins. The idea was old, but I made it come alive today :D
I think they are pretty versatile and can fit a lot of various styles.
Two recolorable channels.
Two flavours: fishnet and lace (two kinds of lace, actually)
Work nice with any color or pattern.
It can have more wet-look or casual look, depends on the choice of pattern.
OKOKOK I know U wanna see 'em pics!

Note: there are tattoos on the right leg!

Umm yes, it comes in a sassy, classy packet.... perfect for a gift!
A bunch of whores models.
An innovative technology allows you to wear vonFregeINC tutu without lookin' like a slut!

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Hasta la vista, like the Terminator told ya.

My famous last words to you.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Ghoulscout Lingerie Set... idk, V? I can count only to 3 :(

Both formats, custom thumbnail
Both formats, appear eye-violating pink in CAS for easy finding :d Just recolor it ^^

Hello cherries & bananas, an important announcement first!
I used to have my Twitter account to hit on aging rock musicians (my favourite type of rock musican), but just because being cyber-groupie is as pointless as having cybersex, I want it to serve a real purpose. Yes, it mean you can FOLLOW ME ON SHITTER NOW! Yeah. How exciting. 
You can keep an eye on my updates or ask me about my thoughts on worldwide economy crisis. I don't care'bout the crisis, but I'll enjoy you care to ask.

Yeah, my existence as a happy,careless human being is coming to an end so it probably means I will be posting stuff... moar often xD Especially in moments I should be studying or doing some other boring and meaningless things. I was in not so creative mood lately but I just had to release it. It has nothing to do with the fact adfly payout is being close and I need a new lipstick, not at all ^^
To be honest, I'm not sure if I like that crap. I would not release it but I spent a lot of time on drawing it and I don't like my time to be wasted (watching c-lass zombie movies ISN'T a waste of time, it's very informative). Maybe someone will like it. There's actually no reason for me to hate it, I think it's decent in sake of quality and design - I may just spent too much time playing around with the shit and I can't stand looking at this anymore :/
Plus my game was behaving badly when I was taking preview screenshots. It took forever for a sim to change to lingerie, they weren't rendering properly and I was just about to uninstall this shit and let it o X.X So let make it quick and move to another topic, right?

Yeah, this is one piece lingerie set. I made it one piece because I wanted the corset to squeeze waists and I wouldn't be able to do that separately, cause I can't go below the normal sim waist size (it wouldn't match any bottom). So yeah, it gives your sim a hourglass figure ^^ I think it look sexy on fuller ladies. What's more, it has extra brief bra and pants. My target was heterosexual male sims players, but do they even exist? Even some of my homo fellas think playing sims is not a man thing. (Yes, I tend to have a pretty good time with bunch of gay dudes, you filthy backstabbing russian gnomes from  who claims I'm "a homophobe and more". What more? Nazi? Pedo? Santa? Wiener lippizaner horse? I'm kinda curious. Nevermind, I said it once and I'm saying it once again, I'm not a homophobe. I like gays, how cute and fluffy pets they are, even if they're kind of noisy :/)
And to make it clear not all russian are filthy gnomes, I read a lot of really nice words at that site and I thank U all, even if I don't support that kind of website)
It has four recolorable areas, bra and pants, corset, lace elements and lacing. I wasn't very creative with my promo recolors but I'm pretty sure you will be ^^
Stockings are a separate accessory (for more recoloring choices). They should not look out of place with no garter belts so if you like them you can have them only.
Okaaay pix pix pix pix pix pix pix:

Disortions seen on this pic are 'cause of breast slider not the texture. Delphy breast height I guess.

Yeah. That's all. Now I don't even hate this set anymore xD
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4. Give me an ultimate split-end fix. My hair ends are destroyed man, destroyed like gay bar slut's mangina.
5. Hot, long haired dudes, bow down and bleed for me.

Now time for party XD
A friend of mine, Adam, introduced it to me. Adam is dying of terrible, lethal pain in the ass, please pray for him :(