Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Not Enough Mana For Thinking Of Catchy Post Name C-Through Shirts and Accessories!

Long time no see! That's because I'm lazy tired of winter.Seriously, I used to love winter but I have enough! It's cold and gloomy and my energy bar is low all the time. Summer needs to bring its ass here already. I want a bonfire party. Bonfire parties make the life worth living.
Beer, cigs, dancing wild, campfire guitar songs, ritual human sacrafice for pagan gods. All to keep you entertainted!

Fortunately I have enough mana to upload some c-through fashions for you. There are many variations to choose from - lacy, sheer, with and without cross print. You can wear 'em with accessory bra or shirt that can be found in gloves category (with custom thumbnail). Not in mood for conversations today, let's just post the pictures :D

Enough of that shit. Let me know if I messed up something, there were so many files, lol. Also.like me on FACEBOOK if  you need a hero!
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