Sunday, September 14, 2014

Long Side Hair For Guys! F2M Conversion + Retexture

I decided to create something unusual for me because I seriously lack long hair for guys. My self sim must be surrounded by long haired guys, lots of them so this is for my own evil use but I decided to share in case you are a fellow long hair lover. 

Half naked long haired guys cleaning shit for me while I lay on the couch and stare at their butts... it's what screams HOME for me

Sooo... I converted some female hair with no issues (such a suprise wow). I also made a retexture which is a blend of Everborn's texture with my own texture (I hope she/he doesn't mind) and put it thru some coloring actions. .
Note that I have my settings high not very high on previews but I don't even know if it makes a difference in CAS. There's no serious clipping and every single hat besides the bandana fits them perfectly. Enjoy!



Friday, September 12, 2014

My first The Sims 4 THANG EVER!!!!!! Male leather pants!

(I'll ad optional noAdFly link tomorrow, just give me a hosting service that shows you how many times you crap was downloaded)
Hello my little forest friends! *she said with a creepy pedophile voice on*

Long time no see!
You know, I was joking that the Sims 4 will appear before I finish and release those things from my sims 3 work folder... and it turned out to be true >.>
So to skip the blahblahblah because I really need to pee here's my first item for Sims 4! Sims 4 are pretty damn cool, simmies can now have borderline personality disorder and oh they can read a book while they take dump. But the groundbreaking and game changing feature for me is ABILITY TO GIVE THEM BIG AND JUICY BUTTS. So I made those pants to go well with that feature:
  Butt of butt loook BUUUTT!

They are recolor of the ripped jeans with studded belt and appear under a completely black thumbnail because I have to figure out how to put on custom thumbnails :D
I mixed lady leather pants textures with some of my painting and added more detailed studs to the belt. It turned out pretty ok for the first item I think. 
So now we need some more sexy boots to match them. I think it's gonna be my next thing to do ;3

No facebook like blah blah stuff today because no. Goodbye, good riddance, farewell, BUTTS.