Sunday, September 14, 2014

Long Side Hair For Guys! F2M Conversion + Retexture

I decided to create something unusual for me because I seriously lack long hair for guys. My self sim must be surrounded by long haired guys, lots of them so this is for my own evil use but I decided to share in case you are a fellow long hair lover. 

Half naked long haired guys cleaning shit for me while I lay on the couch and stare at their butts... it's what screams HOME for me

Sooo... I converted some female hair with no issues (such a suprise wow). I also made a retexture which is a blend of Everborn's texture with my own texture (I hope she/he doesn't mind) and put it thru some coloring actions. .
Note that I have my settings high not very high on previews but I don't even know if it makes a difference in CAS. There's no serious clipping and every single hat besides the bandana fits them perfectly. Enjoy!




  1. Thank you. When are EA gonna give us ladies what we want, more long hairstyles for males. This is great. I am still waiting for lipsticks and blushes for my male sims.

  2. Dzięki wielkie za to :3
    Teraz i moi simowie mogą wyglądać dobrze :D
    Nie postarali się jeśli chodzi o długie futro dla nich.

  3. i was wondering if you where gonna be back doing for TS@, holy uck another long hair goddess making the rest of us female long hair fans happy. thx so much!

  4. LOVE you! thanks :3

  5. why are you uploading file on MEGA??? I love your stuffs but my computer can't download files on MEGA!! I'm very upset and I'm trying dowmload it to DEATH!! please upload your hot stuffs on dropbox or other site... please.... I'm dying....