Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Frilly skiiiirtttzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

As left garter, should have a custom thumbnail which looks like that:

Accessory panties from My Soft Spot will work perfectly, too!

Hiya my vultures of love!
Some of my links stopped working because of uploading server I choosed but don't worry, I will fix them very, very soon! I have all archives backuped in a safe place so it won't take long.
Be patient!
Today I'm proudly presenting my new skirt. I'm very happy with the way it turned out!
The mesh is new, a combo between famous Peggy sims 2 tutu and base game mesh.
I also gave it a new shiny and pretty texture :D
Works pefect for heavier and bodybuilder sims!
Some of the longer tops may sink into the skirt, but you know, I mean very long tops, no one wears long baggy tunics with tutus anyway.
Works with most patterns, unfortunately polka dots are kinda disorted on front because I had to squeeze the uv map >.< But flowers, zebras, leopards, laces, stripes, plaids etc etc works perfectly!
It comes with two flavours - regular and with a decorative tie :D
Both version have two possible recoloring choices, you will figure out from the pictures :D
I also made another accessory panties because this one is really short :> And it can go up when the sim is in a certain position ]:-> Just like a real life tutu :/ <tutu owner>
So your paparazzis can take upskirt photos now! XD
You can still pair it with leggins or whatever and it won't be looking kinky at all.
You can also put nothing underneath it if you're a fat, old pervert who jerks off to sims.
So many possibilites!

It looks freakin' adorable with corsets! <3
For example, the awesome corset of Elexis. It's probably the best piece of CC I have ever had X.X
Or mine, not so awesome but still nice xD
She's a maniac, maniac on the floor. And she's dancing like she's never danced before!
 I'm so hentai kawaii!
Shake that thing!

Oookay. I hope you like it as much as I do! Please give me some feedback and love (and the green olives if you have some)
Let me know if there are any glitches and bugs, you know, when 8 hot bodybuilder dudes in gold thongs dance around your desk it's really easy to miss something X.x
Don't forget to like me on FACEBOOK if you would like to see that show!
Yes, this IS my upcoming creation ]:->
I have to close a little gap. It should be easy but you never know when it comes to meshing. >.<
I WANT A HIPSTER POD! No one will know I listen to One Erection when I'm home alone...


  1. TUTUS AND PIXEL BUTTCHEEKS YAY!!! This is exactly what I need in my game! >:D Thank you for sharing them!

  2. These aren't showing up in my game D:

  3. Glad you like them!
    I cloned it from SP item I made a version using base game mesh so re-download and it should work now!
    Thanks for letting me know!

  4. Thank you for sharing these! :D

  5. Got them to work! My first idea - Japanese whores XD

    LOL Hope you like my use of your lovely skirt, Wiktoria! It will be used a ton in my game, I'm sure!

  6. These whores ain't whores :(XD They look neat
    Love the skirt, its fierce :D

  7. Considering to have the sim models as a download?? Love the redhead:)

  8. Hello, I don't know how to download from this link. Please help. Thanks.

  9. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the blue circle that says "pobierz.:

  10. Thankies guys! *.*
    Evil's simmies look delicious in these *.* love love love : D I love to see other people's sims in my stuffff :3
    My models will be hopefully uploaded someday :D
    Aww, I didn't realise that the download server is in polish for everyone *blonde face*
    I have to change that!
    *feels like a crazy asian whose downloads aren't downloadable because of the language*
    gonna change that after I grab my sandwich XD

  11. Thanks! :D

    I laughed when I saw it was in polish. But hey, polish is way easier to throw into google translate. At least I could notice it was a button and it was written in characters I can use so it was easy to plug in and figure out that it said "download." Hahaha!

  12. OMG I love it! :D

    Great work as usual!

    (and your banner made me spit my juice out)

  13. Your creations are always awesome and a must have in my game!! Thank you sooo much!!!! :)

    To evilordofclassa, thank you for your help!!
    I'm going now to download. :)

  14. I LOVE YOU! *grabs the skirt and runs off happily*
    Now I don't have to finish my lazy tutu which has no panties underneath it since I have THIS one! :D My Simmies will be very happy, thank you :*

    P.S. Are you going to upload Alejandro by any chance? :3

  15. where are the stockings from on the model with the white skirt? xD

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  18. Are these for teens? Because the underwear as accessories showed up, but not the tutus.

  19. Hell yeah! Thanks for tese! Your stuff is so awesome!! You've made one crazy swede happy!

  20. Thankies all! I wouldn't do it without my grandma and so on!
    Save_The_Hobbit, did you re-download them? The first upload was borked.

  21. Yeah, I re-downloaded. Still not working...I'm gonna keep trying though because I MUST HAVE TUTUS.

  22. Okay, I guess they just aren't for teens because they''re showing up for adult. Can you make some teen tutus? I have legit 20 teens in one family and I am running out of good clothes!

  23. I was very excited when I found your Sim blog. I like all of your clothes, but sadly I was only able to download the tutus. All the other downloads said that I had to have a premium membership with the file hosting site to download your stuff.

  24. i love it but i cant download please can you tell me what i must click? with translater it didnt work :(

  25. The download isn't working? It says your bandwith needs to be updated? I really want to download this. D:

  26. Is there a way these can be to teen I can't find a fucking Tutu for Teen in Sims 3 and guess what age group really wears the most fucking Tutu's Teens! So yeah if did I'd be really grateful.