Wednesday, August 15, 2012

A ja ja ja ja jacket!

Yeah, I know about the Speedyshare issue. I have written 'bout it something like 666 times. 
Yeah, I had a strong suspicion you don't read that bullshit at all but still... goddamn, it hurts.
I've just put my files back after TSR massacre so please let me catch my breath and the files will be back again.
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Forsetti is glad there's not much work to do....

Rich people can also push the hipsters downstairs because they can bribe the judge!
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Today I bring you a handy thing - a versatile leather jacket!
It's actually made out of the Store Vegas Club Dress from Date Night set.
I don't understand EAxis sick obsession with adding the ugly painted on necklaces to almost every outfit. I also highly disliked the diamonds or whatever on the dress. They seem fake, anyway so you can't sell them. But the jacket is a truly masterpiece, lovely mesh and texture details. So I decided to make it a separate and deleted all the glitter puke.
It sounds easy for someone who never have tried meshing but I wanted to make it go with many type of bottoms so I had some troubles.
I must say I love the results!
There may be clipping issues with some of the bottoms but most of mine worked perfectly.
You don't need to have store one installed. It's completely new mesh after all.
Jacket textures are made by EA so it looks good with any colour (not like mine leathers XD) even the hipster camel leather!
But I prefer it black or neon!
I think it's pretty versatile and can fit a lot of styles, like street hooker or biker girl. I guess you can create a stylish, tasteful outfit too but I don't know anything 'bout good taste, I'm into 80's!
  Wiq SuXXX, the sexiest sleazy 80's glam metal band ever known to human kind!
Dee Snider has some doubts about it....

So yeah, back to the main topic, here are the pictures:

And the back of the black one, because I forgot to take pic before XD
Friday night and I need a fight, my motorcycle and a switchblade knife....

So yeah, I hope you find it useful. Write me a comment if you do! 
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Have fun!

I think I found a model for my upcoming toddler collection....


  1. Love it! Need it now!

    Awesome job, really! I did the exact same thing, I separated the jacket from the Diesel Dress...It's hard work but hey, it pays it off!

    Great job!

  2. LOL, I wanted to do that myself once this dress appeared in The Store, but never got the time for it :D
    I'm so glad that I won't need to do that, cause I will grab this one and abuse it in my game (muaha ha ha ha) :D

  3. Awesome looking jacket! I love it!

    I hope you can fix those links soon, I have so many of your manwhore clothing to download, it's crazy! XD

    Oh, BTW, those sexy pants in the photoshoot of "metal pudel band" where can I find them?!

    Thankies again for sharing!!!

  4. Looks SO GREAT, I also hate those awful necklaces the insist on slapping on, it's like they WANT us to alter the store stuff..

  5. OMG YAY!!! Your stuff is simsgasmic!

  6. Awesome as always! I love the dress! Thank you!!

  7. Love this jacket, it looks beautiful in game. Thank you for sharing it.

  8. Amazing!! Thank you so much for getting rid of that ugly necklace. Can't wait to try this out in game!!

  9. Great! Thank you so much for this ;-)
    I always laugh so hard with your pictures, specially the ones with Alejandro, love them.

  10. This jacket is flawless! I just have one issue, when I try to download it, it says I need a premium account. Is there another way I can download it?

  11. Yes, please upload this to mediafire or 4shared! I would really like it!