Monday, June 25, 2012


My staff greets TSR

As you know, my crap was deleted by mediafire thanks to the wonderful site The Shit Resource.
I wasn't the only one of their victims. See details HERE.
I decided to save that precious cultural heritage. It took me forever, something like 666 zillions cups of tea. X.X
Let me know if I messed up something. It's a strong possibility! Too many files, I almost started to regret I have been so active X.X
I have to admit I consider some of pay TSR artist very talented and awesome people. I don't judge 'em.. maybe they were starving or saving for a cogenital heart defect surgery? (However, they could choose prostitution. It's a noble job compared to selling on TSR)
I warn you TSR, you do it again and I'll splish splash you in a bloody bath!
Okay, list of the updated stuff:

I HAVE ENOUGH. >.< I'm off for a long waaaaaaaaaaalk.
It was a pain in the ass so give me a lot of love and like me on FACEBOOK if you don't support payshites!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Lace & Satin Corset! Female Adult, yo!

(both formats and all the crap inside so choose what you want)
Bonjour mesdames et messieurs, now take off your pants!
I was extremely busy with training my pokemon, working on my unicorn farm, massmurdering Jews in polish death camps and some other minor things like real life. But then I realised this place is becoming neglected and if I don't make something shiny and cool soon, my fame will fade away like Milli Vanilli. So I'm here, updatin', yo!

Masonry my Facebooks fans already know I made the corset long time ago.
And I have enough of it! Making previews was pain in the ass, I couldn't decide which colours and patterns will be the best >.< But I'm done, finally!
The corset is pretty nice, I think. It has back lacing detail and a lot of boobs is showing!

I made also accessory undershirt to make it non-transparent if you please.
For those who have LATE NIGHT it's left garter so you can have non-transparent corset and stockings.
If you don't have LATE NIGHT choose BASE GAME file and it will be in stockings category.
Both should have custom thumbnails for easy finding purposes.
Corset+accessory combo can be used in many creative ways...XD
Categories enabled

It looks good both plain coloured and patternised, so you can use wide range of patterns from polka dots to Douglas clan scottish tartan.
I made some matching panties, too.

My favourite set of pix. Is it pattern, color or that wonderful hourglass figure?

And here comes sneak-a-peak for my upcoming download ]:->

I do hope you will enjoy it!
Play nice, have a high-fibre diet and don't forget to like me on FACEBOOK if you think my newest pokemon is awesome!
Speaking of cats...