Wednesday, January 18, 2012

*name of the random song* Young Adult/Adult Female Sleepwear!


Thank U for all the nice comments. Reading them was pleasant like having a bubble rose scented bath with a glass of wine, eating a piece of quatro fromagi pizza or gettin' it on with the manwhores!
Also forgive me if I was butthurting, I was having bad time last days. Rock'n'roll records ain't selling this year.
So sorry for being crude, please accept flowers, bla bla bla.

Today we're leaving whips, chains and leather for a moments to explore my soft side. It means scandinavian harlequins a lot of pink, lace and animal prints. ROARR!
There's something in night chemises I like. The lace that gently rubs your boobs and satin cooling your skin maybe.  Even a 6ton whale who lacks some teeth can feel sexay.
I made this chemise to reload stress (painting lace is kinda like doin' mantra in the mountains of shaolin for me) but it turned out to be my favourite creation of mine ; o
First, it has nice 3D bow. Yay! But all hail for EAxis, my meshes still explode in the game.I shamelessly stoled EAxian retro swimsuit from the Store and used its mesh. Which I also included. Catch me if you can, EA!
I also enjoy my new lace texture. It looks very soft. I would destroy it in a minute in real life. Three recolorable channels, the bow, lace with matching panties and the rest. Recolors very well, both patternized and plain colors. I had so much fun in CAS :D
Enabled for sleepwear category, adult female only.
Voldi is very sad because he can't have his baby pink polka dot one ; (

I hope you enjoy.
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Yes, it's my kitten.Yes, he's pretty awesome.


  1. Love that lace detail, this is so versatile and nice. And your cat is totes cute, he looks like he's gonna grow up to steal souls with those big old eyes lol

  2. I love it! :D Very sexy.. and those painted textures are amazing.. ;) How do you do them? :)

  3. Sexy @__@ *Downloads* I loves you ^__^

  4. Thank U guys *_*
    @Chaotic Sims
    Thank U. The kitten is already a grown-up and big fluffy chubby Garfield, it's an old pic, yes he is kind of soul stealer but more food stealer >.< You gonna fight for your food to survive! :D:D
    @Marie Antoinette
    Thank U :> If you meant lace textures it's hmm, kinda time consuming but I like doing it, I have several painted lace templates :D You have to deal with transparency on alpha channel, the flowers (or an ornament) should be 100% white and the rest semi-transparent, different levels ^^ and scalling the ornament to your clothing type is important, my first lace gloves had a flower which was as big as the hand! :D
    *Loves Kosmo back*

    1. Hm. I suck balls at making textures :P But hopefully I can attempt to make some half-way decent shit. ;)

  5. Not my style of clothes...but I really Like all items. And I like your way to show your creations, so different from others. Great Wik ...YouRock!

  6. Hehheehe I see what you did there with the *name of random song* thing. XD

  7. Wow... that is a Great Set Thank you verry much for share it whit us :) I love you Creations <3

  8. I just came to say hi, my dear =)
    this is lovely !

  9. Lovely and sexy! My game is no longer the same after your stuff. *My Sims says THANKS*

  10. WOW! So sexy!
    Thank you so much for creating and sharing this.

  11. i told you it was gorgeous on facebook and now I'm dropping by to download and tell you once more how gorgeous these are! Off to download and model my sim tonight hehe <3

  12. This is hot! Probably one of my favorite things you've done. And, I liked the FB page, in fear that my kitten will be next. O.o

  13. love these so sweet and smexi, can i ask where the hair on your blonde model is from?, i adore her, any chance she could be an upload in the future? or did you download her from somewhere else and possibly have a link? all your stuff is gorgeous you are super talented i look forward to all your releases, have a wonderful day

  14. U don t love me anymore D:
    what about Blood, sweetie ?

  15. Thank U people! <3 Wiq loves youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu *rainbow sparkling and pina colada*
    Sand! I DO love you, who told you I do not.? I'm gonna punish him *putting on princess Hitlerina outfit and village people police man cap*
    Blood is cool, he seduces girls in my town :D I was wondering if I should use him for presentation but I thought the stuff may be way too weird fo him :>

    Thank U <3 Such a nice words you have written! *blushing*
    Catherina Hitlerina is mine sim indeed, I will gladly upload it someday :D

  16. You're bringing sexy back for my female sims. Thank you!

  17. *do a little happy dance* nobody told me anything.. oh wait =X punish him (I wrote punish me, nooo x'DD) in your awesome outfit and cap x3

    glad to know he's doing fine, and living the good life =)
    maybe one day, in a rock n roll outfit, covered with your awesome girls !

  18. thank you for the pic on fb, sweetie x) love you ♥

  19. Hey, just wishing my favourite sims fashion designer a happy valentines. :) You make all the most awesome things. The leather and fetishy things especially. I wonder if i could temp you to share the hotpants worn by the blonde guy in your banner? ;) Also if you made more chunky/gothic demonia style boots for men you'd be (an even greater) evil goddess! No matter how hard i google, all i find are sims 2 files. =/

    Thanks again for all the amazing uploads!

  20. Thank U, Valentines was good so your voodoo worked! :D
    When it comes to hotpants, you should contact me on @ or skype where my nickname is rznijmniemocnowucho
    it's a bit complicated thing
    and yes, I'm gonna make some new boots, also for boys.
    Thank U for the super-nice comment <3

  21. hi
    I love this. Unfortunately your link is down on mediafire" it says removed because of violation" I guess it was to sexy huh? lol can you please upload a new link? i want this so bad

  22. Mediafire ate it!!!!!!!!!!!! I WANT IT FIX IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please...?

  23. This is truely the awesomest lingerie I've ever seen, but now I can't download it. Fix it, PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. I NEED to know where I can download the shoes seen in the last picture! I've been looking for heels like that for a while now. Please tell me if you know where you got them! Oh and you make the best lingerie for sims, and I can't wait until all your stuff is back up. Stupid me for dumping all my custom content. >.<