Friday, September 12, 2014

My first The Sims 4 THANG EVER!!!!!! Male leather pants!

(I'll ad optional noAdFly link tomorrow, just give me a hosting service that shows you how many times you crap was downloaded)
Hello my little forest friends! *she said with a creepy pedophile voice on*

Long time no see!
You know, I was joking that the Sims 4 will appear before I finish and release those things from my sims 3 work folder... and it turned out to be true >.>
So to skip the blahblahblah because I really need to pee here's my first item for Sims 4! Sims 4 are pretty damn cool, simmies can now have borderline personality disorder and oh they can read a book while they take dump. But the groundbreaking and game changing feature for me is ABILITY TO GIVE THEM BIG AND JUICY BUTTS. So I made those pants to go well with that feature:
  Butt of butt loook BUUUTT!

They are recolor of the ripped jeans with studded belt and appear under a completely black thumbnail because I have to figure out how to put on custom thumbnails :D
I mixed lady leather pants textures with some of my painting and added more detailed studs to the belt. It turned out pretty ok for the first item I think. 
So now we need some more sexy boots to match them. I think it's gonna be my next thing to do ;3

No facebook like blah blah stuff today because no. Goodbye, good riddance, farewell, BUTTS. 


  1. Oh God your sense of humor is just XD

    These are great, thanks for sharing ^^

  2. ~ Thanks,my guys will love them! (",)

  3. Woo-hoo, was hoping you'd create something sexy for Sims 4; my sims need to be kinky... Thank you for this ;)

  4. love love love! And your sim looks super awesome with his long hair :)

  5. It looks nice,but I can't get it - MEGA shows "temporary error, retrying" every time I try to dowload the file.

  6. That Mega link don't work me either. So how about you fix the link or use some other downloading place.
    Oh and by to way, those pants are so hot and awesome.