Saturday, January 19, 2013

Vanilla, Sweat & Leather!

sim3pack & package inside

For those about to rock I salute you!

Random people keep naggin' me about getting a Simblr but I'm not sure. I have one blog  I'm really proud of in fact, it's the only thing in my life I can be proud of so imagine how miserable person I am so why I should get another one? MaybeBlogspot isn't so cool and hip and whatnot but I own no shiny equipment that starts with lowercase i so I'm not in danger of being cool and hip xD On the other side I could use Tumblr to stalk other simmers and post random pictures. Last night I read all the stuff from Elexis Simblr, that was pretty fascinating xD
I'm torn apart *cryin'*

Today I give you the new young adult/adult female separate top, a shiny leather vest.
I haven't seen anything like this around the Sims 3 community but hey, I didn't know you could grill toddlers and babies in sims 2 until last week so I don't consider myself a sim expert anymore >.< 
What an epic mod by the way! I NEED THIS for sims 3! Pescado, if you want my sexually transmitted diseases you can have it anytime <3

Ok, that was a digression, lol.
So yeah, I used rockstar career outfit to bake this cookie :D. It works purrfect with any bottom, really no chopped mesh of mine worked so well X.X Two variations, studded and vanilla.
It has four recolorable areas and works as an aphrodisiac because it smells like vanilla, sweat and leather. The vest looks like it just has crawled from the grave of Rock'n'Roll to me, however I tried on something very similiar in H&M lately so I feel mainstream ._.

Hell yeah! I hope you like this little thing. 
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Because I didn't use any random song title today I'll just let my favourite singer explain how to make a proper sock puppet XD

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Sheena's In A Goth Gang Now! Alice Cooper's Dress Alternative Edit!

(sim3pack and package inside)

How do you like 2013 so far? I feel pretty much like any other day ^^ Did you spend your NY's Eve night with your friends, family, lover or your own hand? Or you're still partying wild 'cuz you're in another time zone? I got myself some bacardi breezers and then went to sleep way before midnight. X.X Yeahhh so the night was wild XD
I think I deserve a No Life Queen title but at least I'm fresh and hangoverless today :D

Today I bring you an alternative version of my latest dress. It's not a big change, I just added a giant studded cross on the back and some spiked shoulder pads :D So yeah, question of details.
I had 80s in mind while making it but I then realised it fits some fashion trends of today. X.X It almost made me wanna throw it away and kill it with fire.
Looks awesome in black but works well with neons, too.

I'm not in a blah blah mood today so lemme just say I hope you like it, alright? 

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