Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Destroyed Denim Skirt! With and Without Suspenders!

I've got so many ideas for stuff it drives me crazy! I will never be able to create it all - especially now - I also became as sleepy as Snorlax! Reading - bam, Wiq is sleeping. Watching porn - bam, sleeping. Cooking - bam, sleeping and dying in fire. It seriously makes my life hard. Somebody help me. I accept help in US dollars and polish zloties.
Destroyed Denim Skirt
- Two versions, with and without suspenders
-For young adult/adult
-Everyday, Formal and Career categories
-four recolorable areas

Ha! It's the end for today but it's not the end of destroyed/suspenders theme! I'm gonna make long skinny jeans, too. But I don't know when. Maybe next upload will be for boys. Poor manwhores need love too, right?

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