Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A lil' ballerina! Something new for your toddlers!

Links updated!

Hiya my fagsy sparkling vampires!
Don't you think our simmy lil' ones have almost nothing to wear? I do so because of the baby boom in my game, I made these! XD
This is the conversion of the famous sims 2 Peggy's tutu, rescaled and remade to fit toddlers!
I also painted some long panties/short leggins for the sake of decency!
I know there will be guys who find this provocative and pedophilic anyway. Well, if you find it sexually appealing in any way, you're sick and sorry to say, but you have to part ways with your balls!
And hell nope, I won't be doing these for boys!
It basically means that there will be NO pictures of gay toddlers making out in drag!
Sorry if it's the first time you haven't find my entry fap-worthy!
If you come here for kix, go ask Newsea where they found their toddler bondage outfit!
Fuck yeah, BDSM toddlers!
But first please heal the world and go castrate yourself!
Okay. That's all. I'm going to make more toddlers stuff so don't be suprised when vonFregeINC turns to family friendly site!
(aww okay that will never happen)
Like me on FACEBOOK if you have an extreme daddy jelaousy!
And please comment on my crap if you find it useful!
Time for an inappropriate song!
OK, that song has nothing to do with the pedophilia! It's simply one of the coolest songs ever written and there are some midgets dancing around in the video! Awesome!


  1. These tutu's are so adorable, cant wait to add to my game. Ty Wik xx

  2. TuTus!!!! Woooooo! \m/ >___< \m/ Now they can be prettiful drooling ballerinas! Thank you!

  3. Thank you so much, I can't wait to use these in game, my Sims just has a baby girl whose artist and athletic she'll just be adorable in these!

  4. Thank you so much for this!! :DDD I've always been saying how much I wanted to make a ballerina posepack but never had a tutu for toddlers.. Until now that is O_O
    Here's a link to the pack if you want to see pictures ^_^

  5. OMG!!!!! This is so so so so cute! Ahh I love it ♥

  6. What happended to you?
    I exspected some ugly toddlers, but they are all dang chute xD

    I really like the mesh (the part below reminds me of eating more vegetables xD) and the Design.

    Can't wait to see more Crap for Children ^^"
    Luv u <3

  7. OMG!! I love it! It's so cute!!

  8. Just mooore!
    you couldn't have made me any happier than with toddler wear from you, since my little ones are in direst need to get somethin' worth wearing!
    can't wait for family clothing crap *.*

  9. LMAO @ Newsea's toddler bondage outfit! That said this skirt is so cute! A must have for my toddlers.

  10. As always awesome stuff!! Thank you!! :)

  11. AHAHAHA. I think I love your creations, but even more your shpeels.

  12. Very Cute Downloading right now. And I LOVE Oingo Boingo

  13. Hahahaha I lol at pedobear X'DDD
    great tutu <3

  14. Awwww :§ Those tutus are so cute! Thank you very much for those stunning outfits! Thank you very much, WfF ;)

    I've found out those toddler clothes:

  15. These are lovely however I cannot download them without a premium account :(

    Is anyone else experiencing this issue?

  16. ^^^^^^ I'm having the same problem. I think these are the best damn clothes for kiddies I've ever seen (EA sucks in the Toddler and Children clothing department) and I really wanna download em.

  17. Should be working perfectly now! :D Thanks!

  18. they are so freaking AWESOME! and so is your screenshot at the end, so cute ^___^!!

  19. where can i find the hair on the toddler in yellow?

  20. Uwielbiam Twoje tutu <3 moje simki często je noszą, ale rzadko gram małymi dziećmi. Mogłabyś skonwertować je również dla dzieci?