Wednesday, June 12, 2013

New Babydoll Nightie For Your Y/A/A females!



Hiya darlings!

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First I'd like to thank my wonderful manwhores who gave me power to finish this complicated project! I asked 'em to give me some motivation and show me their manboobs and they did! Thank you guys, I wouldn't be here without you <3

And I love your chests.

I'm quite proud of that nightie. It's obviously a progress since my frist sleepwear. :D

- Four recolorable areas
- Sleepwear category
- For young adult/adult females
- Semi-transparent part
- 3D bow
- Lace cleveage detail work
- Look Mom No Pants version for perverts included!

Just put it on and every man in the room will find you irresistible! They won't be able to take their eyes off you! 
 My selfsim as a victim of false advertising.

That's it! I hope you enjoy! Now go like me on FACEBOOK because the real life version of the person below promised to do a guitar cover of One Direction for me when I hit 1000 likes :D

Thursday, June 6, 2013

[requested] T-shirts!

I used the shirts with my previous upload and someone wanted them so voila, le quick upload!

- They use Diesel SP mesh but are base game ready
- Two recolorable areas, the shirt and lace back - prints aren't recolorable
- 4 Cupcake Cult prints, 1 from Restyle and plain 

That's it darlings! Like me on FACEBOOK if you don't need friends if you have toys!
By the way, I missed the 666th like ._. I've been waiting for the 666th fan so long!

Monday, June 3, 2013

Totally Tulle Tutus!

Howdy strawberries!

I received Barbie and Teresa Rockstar giftset today so let's make it short because I want to play, okay? xD Yes, I'm twenty two but mentally five >.>

So fucking metal

So yeah, I've been trying to do transparent meshes for ages but it never worked. Now it seems easy and so many new ways are open. I've got shitload of ideas for the further stuff so I'm gonna stop eating, sleeping, bathing, shaving my moustache and do sims stuff all day all night. 

I promised myself I'm gonna do semi-transparent tutu edit someday so voila! It looks really nice, I think.

Avaiable in everyday, formal, outerwear and career categories. I think it makes a good singer career outfit.
Three recolorable areas. It looks awesome when you use two different colours on tulle layers  <3 

 I hope you enjoy this one as much as I do! Stay tuned for upcoming stuff and like me on FACEBOOK if you think Voldi looks great after he lost some weight!

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Moar Leather Separates!

Hail all rainbow soldiers around the world!

First I'd like to link Ania's article on JBQ, a little stealing asshole from the homeland of mine, Poland. Use google translator if you want to read some more. Polish simming community denunciate JBQ and his plagiarism attempts. We, polish people steal only german cars, not custom content!

Long time no post.  Sorry, I was experiencing a mental breakdown after I caught my boyfriend Ken cheating on me with another Ken.

Infidelity hurts, hurts like getting a shocker from Edward Scissorhands.

But I finally got over him so it's time for another upload!

You know what? I stopped liking painted on/photoskinned leather in sims, I prefer EA style specular-based textures now. So I was looking for a perfect badass leather pants for my girls and found them in rocker high career outfit. They work perfect with every top and fit most boots. 

- Avaiable in Everyday, Formal, Career and Outerwear categories
- Four recolorable areas.
- For young/adult females.

Ok, enough! Now like me on FACEBOOK if you like to stalk hot dudes!

And now hello hooray time for music!

My latest hit :D It's like having a party in front of the computer screen!