Saturday, June 1, 2013

Moar Leather Separates!

Hail all rainbow soldiers around the world!

First I'd like to link Ania's article on JBQ, a little stealing asshole from the homeland of mine, Poland. Use google translator if you want to read some more. Polish simming community denunciate JBQ and his plagiarism attempts. We, polish people steal only german cars, not custom content!

Long time no post.  Sorry, I was experiencing a mental breakdown after I caught my boyfriend Ken cheating on me with another Ken.

Infidelity hurts, hurts like getting a shocker from Edward Scissorhands.

But I finally got over him so it's time for another upload!

You know what? I stopped liking painted on/photoskinned leather in sims, I prefer EA style specular-based textures now. So I was looking for a perfect badass leather pants for my girls and found them in rocker high career outfit. They work perfect with every top and fit most boots. 

- Avaiable in Everyday, Formal, Career and Outerwear categories
- Four recolorable areas.
- For young/adult females.

Ok, enough! Now like me on FACEBOOK if you like to stalk hot dudes!

And now hello hooray time for music!

My latest hit :D It's like having a party in front of the computer screen!


  1. Hej.
    świetna praca. Jak z resztą wszystkie. Masz duży talent!
    Hehe dobre to o niemieckich samochodach :D. Dzięki za podanie linka :) im więcej ludzi się o tym dowie tym lepiej.
    Pozdrawiam :)

  2. I was looking for a conversion of the 70's,80's,& 90's male leather pants but these are way better I always thought they should be separates. Thank you.

  3. WOO! This leather is exactly what I need right now! Muahahaha! And don't worry about a cheating man. Who needs em? Lol GIRL POWA!

  4. Yes! thank you! It's hard to find a good pair of leather pants!

  5. can you make one version without the belt ?

  6. Can you please check the link im having trouble downloading this. Its awesome would like to have it very much Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. When I try to download these I get "This file can only be downloaded with SpeedyShare Premium. Get Premium Now!" :( sad!

  8. I get the same problem than Anonymous. The file can only be downloaded by premium users, it would be nice if you could change it from server? maybe mediafire or 4shared?
    Thanks in advance!

  9. Oh man...what a bummer. I really wanted this but I also get the Premium crap. And on the bottom of the page it does say you can get it for free but then you have to download some shady download manager....Yeah, like that's going to happen.

  10. I have the same have to be premium user to download problem as those above which sucks because these look amazing.

  11. where is the download link for this?