Sunday, October 16, 2011

Empress Jekaterina Add-on. AF/AM stockings.

Firstly I would like to thank you for the feedback! Each one who downloaded my Empress Jekaterina lingerie, you made all of the hours I spent on polishing the textures instead of masturbation worth it! <3 I also owe luscious piña colada coctails to MS3B and Garden of Shadows administrators. Without them my little ugly blog would be still unknown or ignored like paedophilia problem in Vatican my prayers to God to make me beautiful and rich.
Okay, hey-ho, let's go.
I felt my set was missing something. STOCKINGS! There are plenty of decent fishnet and regular stockings out of here so I made mine with a provocative back-lacing detail. I was once  in love with these in RL, but it was too expensive for a person who destroys hosiery in an one hour of wearing. Yea, I'm clumsy and disgraceful a wild child!
The recolorable channels are the fishnet, the lacing and the lace. Have it your way.
You can find it in the formal, everyday and pjs category.
When you get really close the details are a bit blurry, but I'm not sure if it's my fault or game graphics rendering issue. I was trying to do my best. For me, it isn't very disturbing.
I also decided to change my presentation background, hardly avoiding the homoerotical-happy-dancing-and-rainbow-vomiting-unicorns as a final touch.

Awww! Last but not least! What about hot studs in fishnet stockings? she enabled them also for males, in a separate package download, because someone may not like random dudes running around in the fishnet stockings. Awww, some people are really strange.
Of course I have included custom thumbnail for your easy finding purposes:
Aww. Theme-matching song.


  1. You are a naughty, naughty girl lol
    I love your stuff, thank you...

  2. You definitely whore that song out for your stockings commercial and turn us into hosiery-holic.

  3. Wow. Love it. Thank you. So wrong but so right too. Think it's time to dress my boys up.

  4. very nice job! where can i find the pink shoes?and this black shoes

    visit my blog

  5. Thank you all! Yes indeed, I'm naughty :D But it sells well, lol.
    Being a hosiery-o-holic is fine and pleasant addiction! Just a bit expensive.
    Sackgirl, the amount of male version downloads suprised me. I didn't know there are so many perverts in the world! O.O Now I'm feeling mainstream ._.
    (Btw, is there any reason you deleted my comment on your sim? I really, really liked her, I hope you didn't get it ironic or whatevarrrr) I also find your BJD hobby very impressive. Maybe you'd start a BJD-related blog, too? I would love it :D
    And finally, Jimmy, you can find those wonderful pumps at Lorandia Sims. My favourite pair! And the second pair is from TSR, but I don't remember the creator.

  6. Amazing!! I would love have this stockings in my game, but the archive was deleted from mediafire. Would you re-upload, please?

  7. The DL-link for the regular version is a little messed up. :s Anyways. Really awesome stuff here. Thanks

  8. I want these so badly. Very, very badly. I could do so many awful things with a good pair of stockings. My simwhores need their naughty lingerie! :( Sadly, the download site asks me to be a premium member to download. Agonyyy~

  9. I really love these stockings! But I downloaded the female version and I cant find them in game.I have downloaded some of your other stuff like the frilly skirts and that worked fine. Is there something I'm doing wrong? Thanks.

  10. ALERT: Wik, the regular version only has 2 KB?!?!?

  11. Dear Wik, maybe you uploaded wrong files, seems like both versions have the same problem, they are borked and display as blue paint from neck to toe for me.

  12. I'm having the same problem as Forest Fae.
    And when I open the packages in s3pe, all that shows up, are "key" and "casp". No other info, which seems odd to me.

  13. I Wanted These Stockings So Bad , But They Dont Show In Cas No Matter What I Try .....