Monday, October 31, 2011

Mobbing Skeleton Bikini. BIKINI! NOT THE TATTOOS!

You goddamn hamburgerophillians! I have something to tell you:
UKRAINE isn't RUSSIA. Sup, hm? And there are no polar bears having fun on the streets of Warsaw, although you may see some bear porn actors. And yes, POLAND isn't UKRAINE nor RUSSIA. Thank you.
I have that hot teacher quality, haven't I?

I think it's time to stop offtoping. 
I know this blog is a neverending halloween because everything here is crap creepy but I needed a swimsuit for my tasteless selfsim and I keep on pretending it is especially for halloween wanted to be cool like the other creators and I made something ESPECIALLY for Halloween. Nothing big. In fact, very simple little thing because I'm a lazy fat bitch who can watch Z-class horror movies all day I have no talent. It took more than 5 minutes to complete it but l guess less than writing this post. I'm actually working on something much more complicated with some problems. >.<
I still hope you'd like it. I do because it creates a nice illusion of someone touching your fat ass. Two separate pieces, bra and panties. Swimwear category. Two recolorable areas - hands and the rest. No, I don't think you are retarded, really. For adult females. No smexy drag queens this time. I'm sorry my sims are so parrot-like but I wanted to distract your attention from the simplicty of the item. Custom thumbnail included but I was too lazy to take a screenshot.

Speaking of Halloween - remember the times when vampires were cool and sexy predators not the lame sparkling sissies? Like in the MOST AWESOME MOVIE EVAARRR:
It would really be an oscar-worth masterpiece if that stupid Star bitch fell of the bike and then Michael had his initiation in the form of a small juicy gangbang
  I remember watching it the first time when I was a little fucktard. 
I'm sure it subconsciously infected my innocent mind and made me obsessed with 80s music, clothes and motorcycle studs. It's funny how people change, isn't it? First time I was like AWWWWW MOMMY and now I would like to fuck them all I consider being a vampire fun. Isn't that Dwayne vampire boy SMOKING HOT? I would impale him with a pleasure if you know what I mean. Or let him suck me.

Finnish band The 69 Eyes made a cool Lost Boys tribute too:
Whatever. Happy Halloween! I hope you all get abused by the Cenobites in your basement!


  1. x) I wanted to check out your tatoos and.. omg The lost boys ?? Sooo good !! (Yes, I'm quite old :D)
    Dwayne (Billy Wirth) is still hot, you know ?!

  2. Firsty I'm sorry for confusing you. Tattoos aren't the part of my DL, just the simple bikini but I also added a link to MTS site where you can DL them if you want.
    Thank you for the amazing picture of Bily Wirth! He's indeed,still hot, amazing and sexy man with new mature quality in him. Sometimes I'm suprised how beautiful people can be.
    In my opinion the hottest kind of men are long haired men : D Like your redhead sim *.* Amazing pictures! I'm just sad my french is bad, I would like to know more about him.

  3. hahaha your blog is made of awesomeness!

    hum, bear porn actors...

  4. "4. Don't stare too long at my tits. If you do, I Wiq punish you, but you will like it, my little bitch..."

    I swear you are so hilarious! Just so unnecessarily crude and random, it is brilliant! lol

    And I love your cc, too. Very well-made. Thanks for sharing...

  5. @ Wiktoria von Frege : you re welcome for the pic =) his hotness has to be shared x)
    yeah, long haired are hot !

    =) Blood will be very pleased to know you find him hot too ! He's very proud of his beauty, he's evil and charismatic, but he loves his family above everything... except himself x) and likes to train his body of course !
    I wish I could write stories in english, I tried once, it was a disaster xD

    Thank you for your kindness =)

  6. thanks for the download, its great! i was just curious where the skin was from?!

  7. Jasumi and Rabbit, thank U very much. You made my
    existence less minor and unnecessary and you also caused a big smile on my face. Now If I only had a penis I would win my baby back and we'll live happily ever after in a Disney-like gay rainbow castle.
    Half-Blood Half-Sand, he definitely looks like my kind of man! Has he ever kissed another guy?:D If he has, I'm marrying him today. I will enjoy your pictures and someday when I master french I'll read your stories, too.
    You seem like a soulmate to me.
    Skyelar Marie, thank you very much! You can download it here:

  8. (too much typo, take 2 =__=)

    x) You make me giggle !
    I'm sorry, I'm gonna have to desappoint you : he's straight !
    Yeah, I'm a straight hopeless romantic behind my skull shirt ^^".

    I went through all your blog, you're very talented =) even when it comes to make models.
    Btw, my simself says THANK YOU for the skull shirt !!

    And you're welcome to enjoy my pics or stories anytime x)

  9. Wrong body part shirt ! I meant "thank you for the ribcage shirt ♥" Lu__u

  10. I have to update the shirt to make the ribs recolorable. You are so nice. <3 You know, I always give hopeless romantic trait to my selfsim ^^ I think I don't look like a hopeless romantic, haha ^^

  11. or maybe you try to hide your hopeless romantic nature by fisting Billy Wirth (or worse D:) x) just joking (badly)

    you're nice too =)

  12. Awesome bikini, thank you.

    The part about Americans was hilarious and so true. I live in Finland and most Americans don't even know where it is in the first place. One beauty queen even stated that Finnish people are the ones that walk around in wooden shoes (Dutch clogs). *sigh* :)


  13. This is absolutely wonderful! But, unfortunately, the download link no longer seems to work. Do you think you could upload an updated link? D:

  14. I know I'm super late in my timing on this comment, but I just found your site and absolutely LOVE your CC. I am however disappointed in your American comment. Not all of us are "hamburgerophillians" nor are all of us completely clueless about which country is which. I promise not all of us are cousin fucking, meat and potato assholes. Keep up the good work! You're awesome!