Monday, October 31, 2011

Mobbing Skeleton Bikini. BIKINI! NOT THE TATTOOS!

You goddamn hamburgerophillians! I have something to tell you:
UKRAINE isn't RUSSIA. Sup, hm? And there are no polar bears having fun on the streets of Warsaw, although you may see some bear porn actors. And yes, POLAND isn't UKRAINE nor RUSSIA. Thank you.
I have that hot teacher quality, haven't I?

I think it's time to stop offtoping. 
I know this blog is a neverending halloween because everything here is crap creepy but I needed a swimsuit for my tasteless selfsim and I keep on pretending it is especially for halloween wanted to be cool like the other creators and I made something ESPECIALLY for Halloween. Nothing big. In fact, very simple little thing because I'm a lazy fat bitch who can watch Z-class horror movies all day I have no talent. It took more than 5 minutes to complete it but l guess less than writing this post. I'm actually working on something much more complicated with some problems. >.<
I still hope you'd like it. I do because it creates a nice illusion of someone touching your fat ass. Two separate pieces, bra and panties. Swimwear category. Two recolorable areas - hands and the rest. No, I don't think you are retarded, really. For adult females. No smexy drag queens this time. I'm sorry my sims are so parrot-like but I wanted to distract your attention from the simplicty of the item. Custom thumbnail included but I was too lazy to take a screenshot.

Speaking of Halloween - remember the times when vampires were cool and sexy predators not the lame sparkling sissies? Like in the MOST AWESOME MOVIE EVAARRR:
It would really be an oscar-worth masterpiece if that stupid Star bitch fell of the bike and then Michael had his initiation in the form of a small juicy gangbang
  I remember watching it the first time when I was a little fucktard. 
I'm sure it subconsciously infected my innocent mind and made me obsessed with 80s music, clothes and motorcycle studs. It's funny how people change, isn't it? First time I was like AWWWWW MOMMY and now I would like to fuck them all I consider being a vampire fun. Isn't that Dwayne vampire boy SMOKING HOT? I would impale him with a pleasure if you know what I mean. Or let him suck me.

Finnish band The 69 Eyes made a cool Lost Boys tribute too:
Whatever. Happy Halloween! I hope you all get abused by the Cenobites in your basement!

Friday, October 21, 2011


Well, I would like to share my first PETS impressions with you.
First of all. WHERE ARE THE GODDAMN LABRADOR RETRIEVERS YOU BUNCH OF MONEYSUCKING SHEEPFUCKERS! Oookay, EA's tiny assholes are safe, the tools they provided are good enough to create a fine looking Lab. To be honest, I got lost when I first entered the advanced fur options or whatever you call it in english. Impressive. Although I'd like to increase the range of pet sliders. I'm sure the modders will take care of it. 
There is a wide choice of cat breeds. Yay, Maine Coon! I always wanted to have one.
Instead of Maine Coon my beloved feline is Ruda Dupa (don't try to put it in google translator!) which I recreated but it isn't perfect - I was too impatient too see if his behaviour will be so annoying as in RL (you must know his second name is MOTHERFUCKER, especially when you eat something) and it works! Pets have real personalities in TS3 and I'm really glad to see how live-like they act. Definitely TS3 pets are more loveable than TS2 ones, which seemed more like animated decorative items to me.
What else can I say? I haven't played much yet. But...
1. It's probably the best expansion ever because it didn't break my game like (de)generations did, for example. Maybe someday when I will be an old crazey lady with zillion cats running around I will be able to hit the "save" button with no fear. Save problems destroyed my mental health and I highly doubt I will ever be the same.
  2. Studded collars are AWESOME as HELL! I was missing it since TS1 <3
3. The new clothing is okay. I'm just mad cuz that awesome off shoulder shirt has those annoying buttons and pockets.. meshed, so I'm too stupid to remove it >.<
4. I LOVE animated pet ears.
5.There is an animal I would like to own in my RL but somehow I fail to domesticate it >.<
Yes. It has some balls.
Just a note today, but I'm working on a leather set for your strap-on equipped dominatrix. Play nice!

Monday, October 17, 2011

vonFregeINC terms of use

I decided to add some rules you probably won't even read. You can find it on the left side of my blog, but I'll post it here, too.
I also added my favourite sites to the links section. Please, add me too, if you aren't ashamed.

1. Don't steal my crap and claim yours. If you do, Wiq will punish you.
2. No pays(h)ites. If you are a one of those greedy whores, Wiq will punish you.
3. If you would like to use a part of my texture, ask me. If not, Wiq will punish you.
4. Don't stare too long at my tits. If you do, Wiq punish you, but you will like it, my little bitch...
5. If you visit my blog and you are a part of Roman Catholic Church, Wiq won't punish you, but I'm pretty sure the God will!
6. Feel free to include my crap. I'm actually willing to see it on your simmies, so don't forget to leave me a link!
7. If you have any suggestions and you would like to have something in a different category for example, or you have a different idea for recolorable areas, or you noticed a nasty bug, or whatever, leave a comment or @ me:
9. If you become my sex slave and you will have enough, the safe word is "Konstantynopolitańczykowianeczka".

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Empress Jekaterina Add-on. AF/AM stockings.

Firstly I would like to thank you for the feedback! Each one who downloaded my Empress Jekaterina lingerie, you made all of the hours I spent on polishing the textures instead of masturbation worth it! <3 I also owe luscious piña colada coctails to MS3B and Garden of Shadows administrators. Without them my little ugly blog would be still unknown or ignored like paedophilia problem in Vatican my prayers to God to make me beautiful and rich.
Okay, hey-ho, let's go.
I felt my set was missing something. STOCKINGS! There are plenty of decent fishnet and regular stockings out of here so I made mine with a provocative back-lacing detail. I was once  in love with these in RL, but it was too expensive for a person who destroys hosiery in an one hour of wearing. Yea, I'm clumsy and disgraceful a wild child!
The recolorable channels are the fishnet, the lacing and the lace. Have it your way.
You can find it in the formal, everyday and pjs category.
When you get really close the details are a bit blurry, but I'm not sure if it's my fault or game graphics rendering issue. I was trying to do my best. For me, it isn't very disturbing.
I also decided to change my presentation background, hardly avoiding the homoerotical-happy-dancing-and-rainbow-vomiting-unicorns as a final touch.

Awww! Last but not least! What about hot studs in fishnet stockings? she enabled them also for males, in a separate package download, because someone may not like random dudes running around in the fishnet stockings. Awww, some people are really strange.
Of course I have included custom thumbnail for your easy finding purposes:
Aww. Theme-matching song.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Empress Jekaterina lingerie set! female A/YA

If you thought I died in a terrible car crash or at least stopped making craptastic stuff then I'm here to disappoint you!
I've been in hell and back but I'm alright, Jack and I'm willing to share my brand new creation with you, "Empress Jekaterina" lingerie set!
I got my inspiration when I was visiting a sex shop luxury lingerie shop with my newly made friend (well, nothing helps to built up a relationship better than a friendly sex shop luxury lingerie shop visiting...) I'm pretty sure we looked like a couple of lesbos but whateverrr...
The set consists of a c-through lace cup bra and lace boy shorts which are semi-transparent, too. 
I guess the bra wouldn't be very functional in real life but it looks pretty cute! It has three recolorable areas - the bow, the lace + straps and the rest. Panties come in two variations - with giant cheesy satin bows and with no bows. Of course you are able to recolor the bows apart from the rest.
Personally I like the set. It's perfect to put on your cute transgender oriented literary theory tutor yourself when you're planning amateur porno movie making a romantic dinner with your boyfriend or whatever. Please give me some feedback if you consider your life boring enough!

Custom thumbnails included