Saturday, December 24, 2011

All I Want For X-Mas Is A Fag In Drag! X-mas wishes.

Hello! I wanted to make something x-tra for x-mas like everyone else but I suddenly ran out of talent and creativity. I won't be telling any funny things today, too. I used to be funny but then I took an arrow in the knee. All I want to do is to wish you a X-mas happier than mine.
And tell you how we do it here,  in Poland ]:->

First, we have a  delicious X-mas Eve supper:
Then children enjoy their presents and play nice by the fire:

Dogs use the human speech...
Forsetti is telling his milady how much he loves her xD

Wiq is forever alone and nobody wishes her merry x-mas.

And when the children fall asleep...
I let you guess what special gift Santa has for boys.. xD

May you have a lot of pleasures under the x-mas tree. Merry x-mas everyone! :g

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Random Shirts For Underaged Girls!

 Anonymous said...
I wish there was for teens
X-mas is the time for charity so I decided to make your wish come true! <looking hot in a Santa's beard>. I realised it is actually a piece of girlish clothing, not for the old women like me *weep* I wasn't very creative with the pictures because everything was shown before and I really have no unique teens so I just made my adults younger for a while : P I hope you enjoy. Have a nice day.

Adult version HERE

I'm also working on some boots but it needs a lot of work :< Pretty close to my first one but this time longer and on a  Demonia Slush type chunky heel

And a song about underaged girls for U!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Random stuff, random stuff! Printed t-shirts for adult females.

First I have to say it is absolutely cool to have 29 fans on Facebook. Yay, I have the celeb quality. It's probably the time to start wearing sunglasses to cover my ugly face. But I want MOAR. What do I have to do to gain the eternal internet fame? It's simple. I have to die. It always works. Now I only have to choose my glamorous celebrity way of dying. Amy Winehouse? Not really. I'm almost straight edge, no drugs, no cigs and I can barely call myself non-abstinent. Freddie Mercury? Hm. A bit better, I have banged some high risk homos and manwhores in my life. But still something is missing. YEP! Osama bin Laden way of death will be the most glamorous. It's your payback time, goddamn hamburgerophillians, decide on your own I'm a worthless being and then brutally murder me and half of my family. But please don't throw my corpse to the ocean, it will be needed later.
Imagine all those lame sexually frustrated anons saying in the media "<weep> I always loved her, I downloaded each of her creations and all her posts were brillant <weep> <weep>" and the crowd going "santo subito"!.I'm gonna have my zebra printed coffin and epic Michael-Jackson'esque funeral with all the creators from all over the world paying tribute to me. My beloved will inherit all my rare unpublished textures copyright  and he will plan to sell it on The Shit Resource. But then KABOOM I'm gonna jump out of the coffin and perfom a striptease to Michael Jackson's Thiller!
The resurrection part will be a bit hard I guess, but hey, Jesus did it and so did Harry Potter, so I'm gonna make it anyway.
Let's move to the actual topic. So for today I made some t-shirts for you. Once upon a time I was obsessed with printed t-shirts, you know. I was also wearing a lot of crazy crap in my hair, like skull bows and princess tiaras. X.X Nowadays I turned more slut  mainstream and I hardly can wear something with no outrageous neckline. But still I find these ones cool.
All of 'em except for the skeleton one are stencils. It means that you can recolor the background not the print. For me they look the best in the colours I provided, but you may want to experiment. 
 The skeleton shirt no 2. It has sleeves, it's longer and you can recolor both the print and the background.
Vampirella. You can grab this one for your real self on the brillant online shop Restyle.
I really recommend 'em!
My Dead Pony, you can grab it here for real. I own it IRL! : D The print shines in the dark X.X
Mummy Cat. From Restyle, too.
Necro-Elvis. When I saw this stunning piece of art, my jaw went low. I love both Elvis and zombies. *.* The print is from this site. Check 'em out!
Necro Snow White. Another design from the wonderful Restyle.
And another one from Glovestar. I <3 Me. 

All of them are actually enabled for maternity because it is the Generations mesh (included). But I made also a special-maternity design. I found it on the internet when I was looking for a skeleton shirt example to draw mine on. It is definitely the cutest piece of maternity wear I have seen in my whole life but I'm just weird. When I finally meet my scandinavian-made tan, blond, tall, blue-eyed reproductor I will surely purchase it. Oh well, I will purchase it now, I look like i'm pregnant anyway... >.<
I told him I was pregnant. He told me had forgotten to turn off the kettle and he will be back in second. But he never came back. 
Moar skeleton pics:
I have to wake up before 19 so no more unfunny jokes today. Ah wait, I have one. Funny one.
Meh with the skull bow! <very old pic>

But then the Pokemon evolved into THIS!

I hope you won't have any nightmares. Like me on Facebook if you don't want me dead:
I'm goin' to practise my Thiller moves!