Saturday, December 24, 2011

All I Want For X-Mas Is A Fag In Drag! X-mas wishes.

Hello! I wanted to make something x-tra for x-mas like everyone else but I suddenly ran out of talent and creativity. I won't be telling any funny things today, too. I used to be funny but then I took an arrow in the knee. All I want to do is to wish you a X-mas happier than mine.
And tell you how we do it here,  in Poland ]:->

First, we have a  delicious X-mas Eve supper:
Then children enjoy their presents and play nice by the fire:

Dogs use the human speech...
Forsetti is telling his milady how much he loves her xD

Wiq is forever alone and nobody wishes her merry x-mas.

And when the children fall asleep...
I let you guess what special gift Santa has for boys.. xD

May you have a lot of pleasures under the x-mas tree. Merry x-mas everyone! :g