Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Electro ShocK RoCk YA/A Hotpants

All of the above come with plain and skeleton hands print back . 

Some designs include also shinylikeadogscoyones/wetlook/leather/whatever variation:
Whazzup fatherfuckers?

Long time no see. Sorry, I winded up in jail for sexually harrassing manwhores.
Remember kids, men may be pigs  but they have feelings, too. Always
use chloroform before you molest your victim to mitigate his suffering.

Ahhh yes I know. I swear all the remaining links will be updated till the end of the week. If not, you can take my first born son. I'd be glad because having children sucks.

Soo moving to the main topic. Another bottom separate from me. A big thanks to SINTIKLIA for allowing me to borrow her chain mesh part! As you can see, it comes with bazillion of variations. My favourite is skulls and roses print one. Mix and match, play with patterns and colours, strut your stuff. It has four recolorable areas. 
Time for pictures. Let me know if you like the new way of previews or you prefer the former!

And in case you have Alzheimer disease, back prevs once again:
That's all for today children! I have plans for upcoming male clothing, female hairstyle and some hair accessories maybe. Now like me on FACEBOOK if you wanna take a ride on Voldi's wrecking balls
Dat ball just feels so good...
... oooh ahhh ooooh
... and that one doesn't even need a caption
Voldi's gonna fuc you up with that thing.

As always, I'm gonna say goodbye with a piece of beautiful music: