Saturday, March 31, 2012

Death To All But Whore Metal AF skirts and an important thing for U to read.


Hiya my precious little ponies!
The First Very Annoying Thing - all of my stuff was recently deleted from Mediafire. That's why U have an error when U try to grab it. Are they trippin' on acid or something? How the fuck my pixels could violate their damn terms of shitvice? I have sent them an e-mail to explain it. Maybe they can get the stuff back. If not I will slowly re-upload it. With your help, because I do not have all of my earlier things anymore. Super, isn't it? 
Weird things are happening to sites who shit on The Shit Resource lately. Stinky.
Just sayin'.

And now some cool stuff. I started education career path in RL, lvl 1, amateur private tutor for underaged boys. Yea, thar she cumz, moms lock up your sons.
But it won't last long. I hit 21! I can get alcohol in all the states of America, so my american dream is about to come true. Yeah. Gonna move to California and pursue a career in entertaiment. Always wanted to be a stripper on a Sunset Strip. I'm currently practising roller-skating strip-tease to blow the fucking minds of the glam metal band leftovers who survived the grunge plague. Also as I am believed to be a ho I will be doin' some blow for 2 bucks, rockstars for free. By rockstars I mean "hot manwhores with bitchin' guitars, long hairs and sexy asses in spandex". Lemmy Kilmister would have to pay. And get me a Ming dynasty vase to touch him.

<end of offtopic>
Yeah I know. I promised you these skirts a long time ago. But you know I'm extremely lazy I threw an epic party with the Groke, bike mice from Mars, transvestite teletubbie hookers and gummi bears. We got high on gummiberry juice and things went a bit too wild. So you know the police came and we got arrested for illegal drug possesion. I just got out of jail and I'm uploading my stuff for ya XD
The skirts have a shitload of variations, enough to dress up an angry whore metal girlband and their butch lesbo groupies. 
Let's see:

Regular one, 2 recolorable parts:

 With leather side panel, 2 recolorable areas:
There's one more design with side zip, but I forgot to take a picture :<
With recolorable sides and pockets:
And finally, one with recolorable skeleton hands instead of pockets! XD
Play around with your favourite colour and patterns! It always have a nice rockish flavour no matter how do you recolor it.
Enabled for everyday, formal and also career category - so your sims can wear it as a working uniform if they are prostitutes rock on stage XD
And btw, how do you like my new model?
You may already know her if you are a connaisseur of movies like Gangbang Woohoo 5 and so on. You naughty boy, you!
She's a cocaine addict, slut and plastic surgery victim. I love her. She's my favourite sim to play now. And you know what? I think she would be a perfect date for Alejandro:

They're both hot, dumb, drug addicts, arrogant whores who love to S some D and L some B if you know what I mean. What? You say I meant "suck some dicks and lick some balls"?
What kind of girl do you think I am? You sicko! What do you think, breed them or no? Would you like to see their sex tape shots wedding pictures? XD
Okay, enough. Almost.
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Give Wiq some lovin' and feedback because she needs it!

And have a lot of FUN!

Steel Panther are fucking gods. I think I like every song of them X.X B-sides too. And Satchel, their guitar hero is such a sweet guy, he replied me on Twitter XD Yea, he replies everyone with boobs, but still...
I hope they don't take drugs for real. They have to live and produce epic shit forever! :3