Sunday, February 26, 2012

Leather Skirts Now For Everyday!

A random pic is random indeed.
Hiya guys!

I just have realised that I didn't enabled leather skirts for everyday category. X.X I'm way too absent-minded because all day I dream about sex. You have to get me a young Rachel Bolan copy to satisfy me and stop that nasty buggin' xD

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Goth Girls Are Easssyyyy! Moar Leather Slutwear Pour Femmes!

[both formats]
well I hate Sims3Pack format but I got a sims3pack option request so I did a good deed because I want to go to heaven... I hope the good God will take it under consideration on the Judgement Day. May also update older files later.

Hi there.
I received strange e-mails these days. You guys have to decide wheter I'm a dykon or a homophobe. You can't be homophobic LGBT movement supporter. Or maybe you can? Well if a sphere can turn out to be a square everything is possible. Sims 3 Scene Homophobic Dykon sounds cool, it's even moar alternative than korean soap operas. But keep your hands off hipsters, I was the first!

Today I bring you some new slutwear, x-tra short leather skirt. Yea, x-tra short, but you know, goth girls are easy. I prefer sexy side of the goth with sexy hedonistic vampires in leather over the I'm-A-Fat-Teenager-In-Lace-I-Like-Nightwish-And-No-One-Likes-Me-So-I-Am-Drowning-In-The-Dark-Lake-Of-My-Tears-Whatever. I hate so called gothic/symphonic female fronted metal. Male-fronted can be if the singer is sexy.but only on mute :D Yeah, I used to like Nightwish when I was a young lass with a rich inner life but now I'm a dumb horny slut.
By the way, when you can say that a girl is easy?I know some girls have some kind of dating schedule and it goes like that:
First date: NOLI ME TANGERE! But pay for my dinner, of course.
Third date: okay, let's give me peek in a cheek and some flowers
10th date: Have you spent enough money on me? Okay, let's do what they call french kissing.
666th date and fortune gone with a wind: okay, you can finally squirt your baby gravy all over my face.
Next day: Fuck off, your penis is way too small.
 But how could a girl follow these rules when she mets a sexy bitch with a hot guitar? :<

Okay, let's get back to the topic.
The skirt has 4 variations but all of them have the same belt and heavily studded back pockets. Awww, it must be painful to sit while wearing this X.X

Basic one.
With recolorable side lacings. Btw I do love the hair by IrKatty. <3 I need moar of crazy scene hair like that! If you ever make some with zebra streaks I will give you my first born son. When he grows up and reads this blog, he will thank U for that  :D
So do scene hair, save children from the pathological families!
Stockings with bow will be released soon.
Side lacing again. The corset top and shoes may be released some day.
With side zippers. Because side zippers are moar hip than STRAIGHT ones.
With many zippers and some x-tra studs on front.

You can take your color slider left or right to adjust how shiny the leather should be.
Or make it brown if you're a crazy weirdo and no one likes you.
Yeah, I know there's nothing bad about brown leather but I just hate it XD
Enabled in formal and everyday categories.
I hope you like it. I'm gonna make a pure recolorable and patternable version soon and maybe some patterns by me.

Aww and I'm looking for handsome* male strippers in bunny outfits, deformed car crash victims and midget hookers for my birthday orgy. If someone is interested @mail me xD 
*They should look like young Rachel Bolan of Skid Row, my celebrity dream date XD

Okay, enough of that. Have fun, let's get drunk, smoke some pot and party with Bon Scott. And like me on FACEBOOK if you think loadin' properly is too mainstream!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Heavy Ork Armor!

How did you spend the Made In China Heart Printed Crap Sellers And Stupid Romantic Comedy Movies Producers Valentine's Day? Did you guys exchange a plushie heart for an anal sex? Nope? Awww, it's sad. Maybe ask some of your male buddies. I'm sure there will be at least one willing to do it.
Kinda suck I didn't release it on Valentine's day. But hey, in my opinion, every day of the year is good to wear hot and juicy clothing. And what about buttsex? Awww....

Okay. So there's a replica of my heavy armor which I wear on a challenging quests IRL.
According to Corsets.Uk site, it is:

The corset will take 4" off your waistline in relative comfort if desired. 
•1/2" Steel bones throughout 
• Full steel busk
• Material composition: 100% polyester
•100% Organic Cotton lining 
• Modesty panel 
• Heavy lacing 
• Sweetheart shape for sensational cleavage
•15" corset front & back
• Improve posture
•6 suspender loops (suspender clips sold seperately)

Yeah, fuck yeah. "relative" comfort. Ok, it's still moar comfortable than torture wheel. As far as my experience goes, you can play table tennis and have sex in the basic positions while wearing this indestructible piece. Luckily sims don't have problems with uncomfortable clothes.
It's already patternised because I wanted to keep the scale of the pattern.
But you can have it in any colour you like.
When I stop being ugly grow up I will become a stripper. Aww pardon, Burlesque performer.
It's enabled for everyday category...
...and formal as well.
So it's everything for today. I'm getting kinda sleeeeepyyyyy. Read my FAQ post if you wanna get the Knowledge of Life and of course, like me on Facebook.
Off to the bed go go go. Good night XD

Friday, February 17, 2012

Frequently Asked Questions!

I just finished screenshots for the new corset I made but unfortunately I live in a third world country and I have terrible slow net because of the windy weather so I cannot upload it on any servers :|||||||||
I hope I will be able to do it in few hours time. I keep tryin' XD I see you shiver in anticipation.
But I want to let you know I'm alive kickin' 'n' screamin' so I'm gonna answer FREQUENTLY trolling ASKED QUESTIONS! XD
Your lust for the knowledge will be fulfilled.

1. Are you a troll?
Nope. I'm not a troll. I'm an ork and I wear heavy armor.
2. Why do you use fat sims?
Fat? Eww. Because my name isn't Karl Lagerfeld and I don't want my female models to look like the male tramps. Basically I'm not a freaky homo fashion designer and I just like womanly curves.
3. Are you really 20? You act like a sexually frustrated teenager.
Actually I will be 21 in March. So prepare your presents, cupcakes and male strippers with bunny ears.
4. Can I take my cock into your backdoor?
5. Will you marry me?
Nope. I'm not a spouse material. I do not clean and I cook nasty meals my friends refuse to eat. <very sad face> And I have commitment issues.
Sometimes a nice cleavage isn't enough. Sometimes.
6. Why do you wear your neckline too low?
Because I'm a skanky ho.
7. Why your stuff looks like crap?
Because good God gave me fast-typing skill instead of TS3 custom content creating talent and good heart instead of a beautiful face.
8. Why those bows are not meshed?
Because my meshes still make my game explode like fireworks from Katy Pervy's chest.
9. Are you a tranny?
Good God, no.
Because it's the only way I'm able to give my trv luv a boner :D
11. Why are you such a hompohobe you dumb slut?
Because it's not the way good God want you to be. It's sick.The good God created your butthole for other purposes.Go find a woman and sire children.
Wait... I'm a hompohobe?  
12. Are you a human? O.O
No. I'm a supersonic sex machine.
13. Are you a feminist?
No, not really. I love men. With all my mouth. 
14. Are you a lesbian?
By Dzeus, nope. Vaginas bite.
11. So why do you constantly put lesbian pictures on your page?