Sunday, February 26, 2012

Leather Skirts Now For Everyday!

A random pic is random indeed.
Hiya guys!

I just have realised that I didn't enabled leather skirts for everyday category. X.X I'm way too absent-minded because all day I dream about sex. You have to get me a young Rachel Bolan copy to satisfy me and stop that nasty buggin' xD


  1. i guess the nude pic is accurate xD
    a hug and i m gone, my dear !
    keep up the good work (not even sarcastic :O)

  2. Sorry if I'm asking but I always wondered... how do you take nude screenshots exactly? 'Cause you can't strip Sims naked, can you?
    Could you please explain this to me because I'd also like to take nude screenshots of my Sims :D

  3. RACHEL BOLAN!! <3

  4. Thank you Hun for your comment! I'm very happy that you like the boots!:)
    I LOveee your style is awesone and very unique! ♥♥♥♥

  5. hi ,

    In first thanks for your good works your clothes are very sexy .
    All the download links you give seems to be broken is it possible for you to reupload your stuff??? thanks a lot

  6. lol You violated Mediafire's terms of service.

    I hope you re-upload this again :(