Saturday, February 18, 2012

Heavy Ork Armor!

How did you spend the Made In China Heart Printed Crap Sellers And Stupid Romantic Comedy Movies Producers Valentine's Day? Did you guys exchange a plushie heart for an anal sex? Nope? Awww, it's sad. Maybe ask some of your male buddies. I'm sure there will be at least one willing to do it.
Kinda suck I didn't release it on Valentine's day. But hey, in my opinion, every day of the year is good to wear hot and juicy clothing. And what about buttsex? Awww....

Okay. So there's a replica of my heavy armor which I wear on a challenging quests IRL.
According to Corsets.Uk site, it is:

The corset will take 4" off your waistline in relative comfort if desired. 
•1/2" Steel bones throughout 
• Full steel busk
• Material composition: 100% polyester
•100% Organic Cotton lining 
• Modesty panel 
• Heavy lacing 
• Sweetheart shape for sensational cleavage
•15" corset front & back
• Improve posture
•6 suspender loops (suspender clips sold seperately)

Yeah, fuck yeah. "relative" comfort. Ok, it's still moar comfortable than torture wheel. As far as my experience goes, you can play table tennis and have sex in the basic positions while wearing this indestructible piece. Luckily sims don't have problems with uncomfortable clothes.
It's already patternised because I wanted to keep the scale of the pattern.
But you can have it in any colour you like.
When I stop being ugly grow up I will become a stripper. Aww pardon, Burlesque performer.
It's enabled for everyday category...
...and formal as well.
So it's everything for today. I'm getting kinda sleeeeepyyyyy. Read my FAQ post if you wanna get the Knowledge of Life and of course, like me on Facebook.
Off to the bed go go go. Good night XD


  1. Ooooh! Me likey! Lady Wiq is awesome @.@ *Bows and downloads*

  2. These look great ! Btw I love your top banner (;

  3. Nossa muito bom seu trabalho, Muito obrigada.

  4. Mediafire won't let me download it :(

  5. Awesome as always! But PLEASE let me download it from elsewhere! (Like you wrote in your last post; mediafire is trolling ;<)

  6. Holy potatoes...I love these! I really want this! It won't allow me to download it though, something about being premium? I may have clicked the wrong link...

  7. We can't download these. It says we need to be premium. Fix maybe? My game needs these.

  8. So sexy! I want to have it in real life ^^