Sunday, January 8, 2012

Where There's A Whip There's A Way - Manwhore Attire For Your Male Sluts!

Welcome back! 
No, I'm not dead. You would hear about it on TV, silly. I was just doing my dirty deeds in hell and struggling with myself (those who know me realise how hard it is).
The thing I have made today is definitely for myself but I know how many pervs are out here so I decided to upload it xD
I always had a thing for boys in underbust type corsets. And the thing got stronger last days because someone has given me a lethal dose of sexiness.
This is not a perfect thing. Because I still suck at meshing, I used nude mesh which isn't definitely a waist clincher :<
You probably wonder why my boys still have sexier bodies than your girlfriend? Well, the secret is HERE
I highly recommend using them, it makes your game moar sexy : D
I don't know how the corset would look on typical eaxian square shaped males. .
To be honest, I don't want to know. I try to avoid things that can ruin my libido.
The corset comes in 3 variations: basic undershirt, sophisticated slut lace undershit and kinky fishnet one. 
All of them have 3 recolorable areas: corset (as usual I haven't tried it in other colors than black for well known reasons xD), undershirt area and backlacing.
I also made some gloves. Long leather and short lace ones.
I will include it in my future gloves megaset. I have TONS of gloves in my fap work folder.
Last but not least, I would like to give official thanks to:
A. for being the sexiest human being on the whole planet (even with the nightrobe incident xD)
D. for rejecting me all the time and keeping me horny (being horny makes me creative xD)
P. for looking cute in a Village People type kinky fetish gay policeman cap and tons of pizza xD
And uhmmm, haters, if you have any ideological predjuces KEEP IN MIND that
Thumbs up on Facebook for my cuties!
And to let the tradition last, some of my inspirational songs:
I have been listening to this all the worktime :d
Decent cover of Obsession anyone? I love it but it's not enough cool and hip to like 80's pop :C


  1. Oh my gosh, there are no words to describe how freaking happy I am right now. Hah, I love all of your stuff, it is just awesome, I especially love the diversity of your stuff. Thanks for this!

  2. "To be honest, I don't want to know. I try to avoid things that can ruin my libido."

    lmao You're such a treasure!

  3. these are hot
    but where did you get the police hat?

  4. So when we have babies, what should we name them?

  5. Loving you all <3
    The police hat comes from Lemonleaf's uniform temptation set.
    Haha Dal : D I'm all for "Alejandro, Adrian and Pablo" : D

  6. The sexy manwhore in the pink sitting on the couch made me laugh so hard I had to save the picture to adore later on! I look forward to seeing what you make, I love your work! You truly are a treasure. :-)

  7. I always dreamed to have these undercorsets for my boys, finally i have them thank u so much <3!!!

  8. And thank U anon above for the hot and juicy comment!

  9. I can't download, it says the file is not available... please help

  10. I so love your creations but this is not available -_- my trannnies need this so sexy corset!

  11. Download seems to have been removed. :(

  12. Another anon chiming in to say the download link no longer works.

  13. the temptation of these man corsets coupled with the dead link gives me a heavy case of the sads. my fetish... so close, yet so faaaar. :'(

  14. *cries* This link does not work! Does anyone have a mirror?

  15. also crying cause the link doesn't work