Thursday, October 13, 2011

Empress Jekaterina lingerie set! female A/YA

If you thought I died in a terrible car crash or at least stopped making craptastic stuff then I'm here to disappoint you!
I've been in hell and back but I'm alright, Jack and I'm willing to share my brand new creation with you, "Empress Jekaterina" lingerie set!
I got my inspiration when I was visiting a sex shop luxury lingerie shop with my newly made friend (well, nothing helps to built up a relationship better than a friendly sex shop luxury lingerie shop visiting...) I'm pretty sure we looked like a couple of lesbos but whateverrr...
The set consists of a c-through lace cup bra and lace boy shorts which are semi-transparent, too. 
I guess the bra wouldn't be very functional in real life but it looks pretty cute! It has three recolorable areas - the bow, the lace + straps and the rest. Panties come in two variations - with giant cheesy satin bows and with no bows. Of course you are able to recolor the bows apart from the rest.
Personally I like the set. It's perfect to put on your cute transgender oriented literary theory tutor yourself when you're planning amateur porno movie making a romantic dinner with your boyfriend or whatever. Please give me some feedback if you consider your life boring enough!

Custom thumbnails included


  1. haha, you are funny.
    I love it, my sims are gonnna woohoo to death in these fine lingerie.

  2. YAY! I'm so glad my creation will have some proper usage! Thank youuuuuu very much and visit me sometimes <3

  3. This set is fantastic. Nicely done and I love the presentation. I plan to use the heck out of this set. Thanks for sharing. :-)

  4. I'm sooooooooo happy you like it <3 Creating is a lot of fun indeed but the feeling when ppl say they're gonna use your stuff and consider it good.. well, it's almost like being a God : D But now after getting all the (extremely!) positive feedback I'm afraid my next creation would disappoint you ._. But it's also a motivation to make it better and better!
    THANK YOU <3

  5. "my sims are gonnna woohoo to death in these fine lingerie."

    "I'm so glad my creation will have some proper usage!"


    Very nice work, btw! Love how inappropriate your humor is, too...

  6. Thank U, Jasumi <3
    Altough, no matter how inappropriate my sense of humour is, I have nothing against gays, transsexuals, lesbian hair or whatever, To be honest, I love them! Maybe except the lesbian hair. Just saying in case of some gay pride organisation wanting to search and destroy me.

  7. These look fantastic!
    Is it possible to put them into the Everyday category, as well as the sleepwear category?
    I reckon they'd be great to wear at a party!

  8. Of course Richard, it's doable :D
    I will do it soon.
    Thank U <3

  9. I tried to download this but its no longer there :(