Friday, October 21, 2011


Well, I would like to share my first PETS impressions with you.
First of all. WHERE ARE THE GODDAMN LABRADOR RETRIEVERS YOU BUNCH OF MONEYSUCKING SHEEPFUCKERS! Oookay, EA's tiny assholes are safe, the tools they provided are good enough to create a fine looking Lab. To be honest, I got lost when I first entered the advanced fur options or whatever you call it in english. Impressive. Although I'd like to increase the range of pet sliders. I'm sure the modders will take care of it. 
There is a wide choice of cat breeds. Yay, Maine Coon! I always wanted to have one.
Instead of Maine Coon my beloved feline is Ruda Dupa (don't try to put it in google translator!) which I recreated but it isn't perfect - I was too impatient too see if his behaviour will be so annoying as in RL (you must know his second name is MOTHERFUCKER, especially when you eat something) and it works! Pets have real personalities in TS3 and I'm really glad to see how live-like they act. Definitely TS3 pets are more loveable than TS2 ones, which seemed more like animated decorative items to me.
What else can I say? I haven't played much yet. But...
1. It's probably the best expansion ever because it didn't break my game like (de)generations did, for example. Maybe someday when I will be an old crazey lady with zillion cats running around I will be able to hit the "save" button with no fear. Save problems destroyed my mental health and I highly doubt I will ever be the same.
  2. Studded collars are AWESOME as HELL! I was missing it since TS1 <3
3. The new clothing is okay. I'm just mad cuz that awesome off shoulder shirt has those annoying buttons and pockets.. meshed, so I'm too stupid to remove it >.<
4. I LOVE animated pet ears.
5.There is an animal I would like to own in my RL but somehow I fail to domesticate it >.<
Yes. It has some balls.
Just a note today, but I'm working on a leather set for your strap-on equipped dominatrix. Play nice!

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