Thursday, November 3, 2011

Pour Some Sugar On Me - Lingerie Set! YAF/AF

As far as I know everything should work and look like the pictures show, but I have about 666 DDS files for this set so it's possible I messed something up. If you notice a bug PLEASE report and I'll fix it
 Thank U for the feedback my sexy bitches! I became confirmed in my belief that TITS rule the world.
Look -  whole lotta a bit of sideboob and no anon complained 'bout my bikini being a boring EAxian bikini with a new print on! A HA HA HA HA HA ! I'm gonna become the Empress of Evil with my cup. Awww, imagine the beautiful, bodybuilder, male slaves in fishnet stockings serving me pizza whenever I want! Now I just have to defeat the boss of ELECTRONIC ARTS.
 Various amazing creators have reported my sense of humour being inappropriate. American geography teachers, transvestites, The Shit Resource, the Masonic Lodge (also known as Ea Games), homosexuals and homophobes as well - they all want me DEAD. DEAD man, you understand? And I haven't even told a bad jewish joke yet!
I'm chased by the sexual polizei now! AWW!

.I'm lucky because rockstars never go to jail. Oh, wait. I'm not a rockstar. I must have confused it with pornstar. Now I have to escape to Mexico. See you at the Titty Twister!
Hmm. I must stop hanging out with homos because I contracted a queerculosis blablablablablinum which makes me offtoping more and more. I'm back with a pretty big sexhop lingerie set which consists of, well, 8 pieces. The original idea was to include more, but I decided to divide it into 2 sets because  I would get bored and skip I wanted to engross you.
It contains panties with side-lacing and a cute bow, 3 flavours - lace, semi-transparent and non-transparent. Wow! I made something NON-TRANSPARENT!
Each one has 3 recolorable areas.

Bra, 3 variations too. One with area under lacing recolorable with LACE part which looks better when you want to use a pattern for the main part:
one with the under lacing area recolorable with the main part of bra
And one with no lacing.
Three recolorable channels for all too.
And finally, stockings! Simple and pretty elegant lace stockings and more cheeky ones with bows, but I'm not very happy with the bows. I'll probably do a better version soon. 
Drag Queen version is coming next time because I must tweak it a bit to make it shiny and cool.
And yes, because you made me angry with the blabbling on MS3B I used very different models, from ultra skinny cocaine addict suffering from anemia sim to whole lotta woman.Look, I have redheads, brunettes and blondes, too! And finally I used my special model and NO ONE will say I discriminate against bearded women!

Now it's time for some music! Dance bitchez!
Sexy theme song for this upload.
My special model theme song. I'm pretty worried because Bearded Chick seems to share my love for zebra pattern. x.X
 By the way. You know this one? Moishe owned a PC shop in Golders Green....


  1. Hot set of clothes. You make gorgeous sexy clothes for our sims. Thank you ^_* I love the spotted bra. Great photos and models.

  2. I have a soft spot for anything lacy in Sims
    Gimme moar!!!

  3. BTW, I think there is nothing wrong with homo or fat or both...
    Your models are sexy and kudos for standing out of the mass.

  4. well, nothing to do with your new post, but you seems to know about these stuff.. so... you know where I can download some BDSM acessories???

  5. I usually don't know what to say when people praise me so I'll just say THANK YOU. Your comments are better than a banana toffee tart and you make me so HAPPY. Truly. It's not a cliche.
    You can find the whip in the Lemonleaf's Uniform Temptation set and eye mask on the RoseSims accessory page. I have to think more 'bout the clothes.

  6. Thank you for sharing!
    They're really awesome!

  7. @Rabbit, there are handcuffs here:

    @Sexy creator, your epic use of various sliders to create widely varying body types among the non-cocaine-addicts is what attracted my attention during my brainless, vapid MS3B-trawling. Also, bearded lady is fanfuckingtastic. GJ. (And don't listen to anyone from MS3B. I think the whole site has computer-screen-transmitted syphilis.)

    Win panties are win. Whole set is just the right balance between being unique and being possible to modify for different types of sims with different types of Fashion Sense. Or lack thereof. Yay. =D

  8. This is the first time I've stumbled upon your blog, and can I just say, I LOVE YOU.

    Epic rules. Fucking awesome bio. And a delicious looking underwear set to boot.

    I will definitely link you a pic when I get my suburban housewife simmy dressed up in this lot! Poor ex husband won't know what hit him...

  9. "the Masonic Lodge (also known as Ea Games)" and lmao @ walmart gift are always such a treat.

    Very well-made underwear as usual. Seems to be your specialty?

  10. I love these *_*! You're my favourite lingerie maker lol. My newest sim is wearring them:

    btw I have that look like bra in real life :D!

  11. Thank U all very much *.* Dal, I can't believe you got here! I just have recoloured your mesh (male pumps xDD) x.x I hope U don't mind ^^ your meshes are awesome <3 And it's good to know someone who loves heels for men just like me! :D
    Jasumi, I'm a kind of a lingerie fetishist or at least I'm squirting when entering a lingerie section in a store. I also like boys in female lingerie, don't know why, probably just because I'm fucked up *.*
    CourtneyHelen, you're right, you MUST link me a pic. It's an order!

  12. This is awesome I am digging on your style and love your raw additude!!!

  13. Oh my gosh I LOVE your humour!Get the crap just made me roll on my poor floor shaking with laughter, after reading the rest of your amazing post I'm tellin' you if I weren't for peace and flowers I'd go all out and give those who want you dead a good little punishing lesson XD but for now I just load your faboulous crap for my simmies to have their fun with ;)

  14. Hello, hate to be a bother but the download link says its out of bandwidth. Thanks for sharing your wonderful CC.

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