Saturday, November 26, 2011

Mademoiselle's Wiktoria Elite School For Naughty Boys

Mademoiselle's Wiktoria Elite School For Naughty Boys is opening soon! xD
I got request for a picture taking tutorial which I'm making now. My new, super-important, educational mission excited me so much (almost like chains and whips) that it inspired me to make a little photo-session with my simmies. Wanna know my students?

First of all, the hottest teacher in the whole universe, mademoiselle Wiktoria von Frege:
You already know her. She's an old, kinky, sexually perverted soft femdom porn movie wicked woman who forces her students into drag. But aww, they look so cute in those japanese hentai school uniforms! She abuses her most attractive students after classes so you know what to send her to prison:
Evil carrot juice. Making you trip since 1969.

Okay. Let's move on to the first desk:
In the middle you can see the prettiest boy in the class, Alejandro. He's also the meaniest and the richest of them all. You know, the class super-popular whore who always conspires and bullies the unpopular kids. His lifetime wish is to marry rich and then potato-couching till the last days of his life.He doesn't even have to work because he owned mademoiselle Wiktoria with his charming gypsy glance:
 He's usually seen with his aww-best-friends-foreva, Blondie-chan and Paweuczi-chan.
Trivia: Alejandro claims that the balanced diet of the cocaine, sperm and nutella keeps him in this perfect shape. Anyone wants to try?
Blondie-000chan, on the left, doesn't really like Alejandro so much. He just finds this relationship very lucrative so he pretends to be Alejandro's slave just to fuck his ass later literally and methaphorically speaking. He's also mademoiselle Wiktoria's sick love obsession and forbbiden very wet sexual nightmare. She always tells him to stay after hours to abuse punish him for chatting:

Cuz I may be bad but I'm perfectly good at it... c'mon, c'mon nanannanana, S&M, S&M I like it I like it <very bad singing>

Still he usually doesn't mind being Mademoiselle's hard candy. It may be lucrative in the future!
Paweuczi-chan, on the right, has been in love with Alejandro since the primary school and he's his most loyal servant, always doing all the dirty deeds for him, willing to lick the shit off his high heels. He doesn't mind any humiliation as long as he can get a gracious glance from his gorgeous assed-master.
Let's see what's creeping behind 'em!
On the left you can see the infamous drag queen lady Voldi. He's the sweetest boy in the class, loving pink, bows, unicorns and stuff like that. A school blonde, you can say. He's also very rich and popular kid, but not mean like Alejandro is. He always gives sweets to the poorest children and then abuse 'em. He's the nemesis of Alejandro, they are fighting each other to be the most popular kid and the school beauty queen. They are also fighting for the Mademoiselle Wiktoria's attention, of course.
Yeah, they may be rivals, but secretly Voldi loves Alejandro with all of his big penis heart. He wants to be the only one who rules Alejandro's glorious ass of awesomeness!
On the right you can see the school super-villain and bully, Gay-briel. He's a badass kind of man, he never flushes down the toilet. He also likes to bully weak kids, like Betty the Forsetty:
Trivia: Gay-briel has the biggest tits in the class!
On the right you can see the class nerd and looser, Betty the Forsetty. He's constantly bullied by Gay-briel and Alejandro's gang:
I'm afraid the poor boy will soon develop a bi-polar personality disorder. Or become a lame masochist, probably. He's the only one who can stand the infamous smell of Michaił Nastyodorov, so they share the school desk. Actually, Betty the Forsetty has a crush on him. He wants to marry him and live happily ever after in a big american-style white house with a labrador retriever and adopted nikaraguyan kid.
Michaił Nastyodorov, on the left, is the biggest couch-potato and slob this planet has ever seen. And he's fucking proud of it! The only one who can stand his nasty odor is Betty the Forsetty, who loves him secretly. He seems to love him back. When not farting or playing video games, he writes beautiful pieces of poetry dedicated to his dark secret gay unicorn rainbow love. However, he finds Mademoiselle's Wiktoria breasts extremely easy to masturbate. Who will finally win over Nastyodorov's heart? We'll see.
Trivia: Michaił is able to find the ultimate cure for cancer and AIDS, but unfortunately, he's too lazy to do it. Sorry!

Awwright. Here I'm in the middle of the night, trying to kill my insomnia with writing things like I'm tripping on acid xD Still I hope you get a little pleasure from reading it!

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Now the group photo! Say CHEEEEEEESE!


  1. Wow, great photos and good read. It has to be blondie-chan such a cute boy. And your boys look so delicious in their shorts and kinky boots. Anyway blondie-chan should kick Alejandro butt and become head boy or is that Queen. Blondie is by far the prettiest boy (faints)

  2. lmao This stuff is so weird >_> But so hilarious! I don't have a clue why, but I'm rooting for Voldi...

  3. This so funny xD Im dying, my parents are watching Tv next Room and wonder about my strange laughing xDD
    Im in Team Voldi :{D

    Greets from your youngest manwhore,

    Stefan :D

  4. This... is epic! <3

    ROFL'ing all the way home! I'm interested!

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  6. Hello! I came across your tumblr but didn't see you had your asks open so I'll just comment here. I really like your clothes! Do you happen to have this school set available to download? Thank you!