Monday, November 14, 2011

Woohoo In The Haystock. Simple Eaxian Off Shoulder Blouse edit.

Very small update today, but maybe someone would find it useful.
When I first saw this blouse in Pets I was like AWWW WONDERFUL, because I love to hang around with my naked shoulders just to tease my friend with my disguisting nudity. Feel bad for him. But then I noticed those nasty pockets and buttons. For me, they are badly out of place in this piece of clothing. X.X I was sad because there was the time I didn't know the bumpmap can be so easily edited in TSR Workshop (Yes, I had some problems with it but still it's a great and easy to use tool and I wouldn't write even a software calculator, so respect, guys...)
But now I know it and I finally could adjust it to my preferences *.* The Pets mesh is included so probably you don't need it to use. I hope EAxis won't punish me, though because I'm not too happy 'bout moving to Mexico. In my game it didn't replace the original so I suppose it isn't a default replacement... xD 
I think it's romantic and cute. I'm gonna tell you a secret. I'm not a Marylin Manson, really. I sometimes wear flower hippie dresses and flowers in my hair when I'm in a mood. My favourite book ever is Wuthering Heights. I sleep with only one man (at once, I'm not really a gangbang enthusiast). Yes, I'm a hopeless romantic! >.< How dare you call me a slut, filthy anons.The Almighty will punish you.

I also decided to enable this for sleepwear, because I think it makes a good combo with a pair of nice panties.

Thank you also for the feedback. I'm very glad so many of you liked my set. More things are coming, for guys and gals. I'm also happy you said my textures improved. There's nothing worse than lack of progression. >.<
Have fun and don't forget to like me on Facebook. And send me carrot juice to prison when I get caught.

A song which express my romantic nature and feelings toward my current love interest.


  1. I was surprised by your seemingly demure nature in this post... until I played the song :) So downloading and YAY you included the mesh! This looks great and I love it as sleepwear as well :)

  2. Thank U CourtneyHelen! <3 Your comment is worth raping EA's policy.
    I also loved your sim in my lingerie and your stories are entertaining, too!
    I'm so happy you always check my blog.

  3. "Have fun and don't forget to like me on Facebook. And send me carrot juice to prison when I get caught."

    lol You're really good at coming up with this stuff. This is a great shirt, and of course, your humor is great, too.

    Oh, and please don't let the trolls get to you. Sometimes I even say things I don't necessarily believe in simply to see how people react. Many of the trolls are like that, they just use anger to get people to show their true selves....

  4. Yay, I've paused many times and decided not to use that off shoulder because of the buttons and pockets. This is going to my game immediately. Unfortunately, I don't have carrots juice right now, but I'll save you some kiwi that I'm drinking.
    Also, your red head model looks so fierce and sexy. You should think about uploading your sims 'cause I don't mind having them trolling around and seducing my heir.

  5. Jasumi, does it mean that anons cunningly forced me to admit I'm a hopeless romantic? Aww fuck!
    Nox, I'm still preparing for the model's upload, but it's so complicated with all the CC and sliders >.< But for such a great usage I will hurry up!
    Thank U!

  6. Noooo. Why is it gone? D: