Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Dangerous Curves. Lingerie Set III.

I'm back with another lingerie set for female adult/young adult. No sexy guys cuddling in leather this time. =( Just boring vanilla boobs 'n' butts in lace, lol.
So I made a bustier. Bustier is a hybrid of a bra and a corset and it makes your boobs looking g-normous, yup? I'm not sure because we call both corsets and bustiers "gorset". It has some lace details (You already know I'm obsessed with lace) and decorative lacing (well, you know I'm obsessed with lacings too >.< so you know enough to make me a good x-mas present :D). There are two options for recoloring. One with the lacing panel recolorable with the main part of bustier and another with the lacing panel recolorabe with the lace - which looks better if you use thick patterns like zebra for example.
The panties are another version of lace panties (Yes, dear Santa, I like lace panties). You have one with garter straps (I have one garter belt but I have never used it because I have only seamless stockings... :< so dear Santa, why don't u give me a pair...?) and one without. 
Finally, the stockings! Two simple designs, net and silk. I know there are plenty of these all over the sim world, but I wanted one with my lace strap. I simply like my lace *superego screaming*
I also turned some of the promo pics into posters. Gosh how I hate real people on the sims pictures! I'm gonna hang them on my gay boys walls to annoy them with disguisting womanly dangerous curves...xD *evil grin*
Okay. Let the pictures speak.
WARNING! Picture spam! A lot of boobz 'n' butts in provocative poses!
Some of them are photoshopped for better visual effects, but I didn't touch the CC itself, so it's just how it will look in your game if you are running it on something better than commodore 64.

You surely will get some dangerous curves after eating 'em all. 

And here comes my special model who can turn Ricky Martin straight!
And moar lesbian porn pictures: 
Oh, and the posters... *almost forgot*
You ask why my selfsim is here twice? Because my ego is bigger than your penis.

I think we can call it a day. Don't forget to like me on facebook if you would like to touch my dangerous curves:
And Santa, if you don't give me what I want I will breed these two! <apocalypse rider face>

<I should probably post here some Lita Ford's songs because I named this set after her album after all, but I'm afraid you will die from sexiness overdose... awww, so what, die bitches, die!>


  1. So pretty and sexy. Really nice set. I love the lacy and panel panties, so cute. Thank you

  2. (I wouldn't want to be in Santa's shoes right now xD)

  3. Thank U guys! I'm glad U like it, I was afraid you will be bored with another lacy panties ^^
    Awww HBHS, my santa is filthy rich! But he prefers to give filthy expensive japanese plushie toys to his boyfriend, not me :[[[[
    Thank U for sending Blood! I will install him later, now I'm heading for university xD gosh I weren't sleeping all night >.< damn that insomnia

  4. you're welcome ;)
    BAD insomnia, leave her alone >_<

  5. Thank you for the lesbian porn. Very nice set too, me likes.

    I have used some of your stuff to accessorise some dress recolours I did, thought you might like to see:

  6. "And here comes my special model who can turn Ricky Martin straight!"

    lmao If you breed them, do share pics! :D

    Oh, and lovely work as usual!

  7. You make my plus-size self want to buy lace and wear it around...the house. LOL.

  8. I think the insomnia is the result from sexual torment I'm getting. I'm afraid I got possesed by a incubus who turns me on all the fucking night >.< Remember to avoid homosexual incubuses who like to tease us heterosexual women badly.
    @HBHS (or should I just call you "Sand"?:P)
    Blood looks AWESOME in game! He's the thing what tigers like most!
    I love his features because he's definitely not a sissy but a man, still he has a bit of femine, androgynous quality in him. I think it's all about french men at all, I used to drool over 'em on VampireFreaks *.* Delicate yet masculine.
    I'm very very honoured you used it! Outfits looks great! I'm always willing to see my work on your simmies.
    Glad you enjoy the lesbian porn, too.
    Ahaha! If that monster doesn't come out of the computer screen and kill me I will definitely post it! It's gonna be hardcore : O that would be crazy-schizotypal disorder, mad scientist , sexually perverted serial rapist with a very bad taste when it comes to clothing. X.X
    It means that I made a good work! Because actually every body shape looks sexy in lace! I'm overweight too and I wear whatever I like (and I'm able to jump in, lol). You know, it isn't all about the body, it is down to attitude and self-confidence. So get your hair really pretty, put your make-up on, wear your lacy panties, set a sexy smile and win 'em asses! xD
    The legend tells +sized women are better lovers, too. I think it' because when U fullfil your basic desire to eat all the pizza and tortillas you crave for, then you only care about sex, lol.
    What's more, really most of guys seem to not mind your xtra kilos when you're overall pretty (and every girl except for some bad cases are pretty when not neglected) and cheerful. Even some of the men finds whole lotta women sexier than boobless and pancake-asses ones.
    Awww, enough of blabbling. Thank U for the feedback. Your nice comments aways make me want to create more, more and more! : D

  9. (yeah, call me Sand if you like :p x) )
    I'm glad Blood turns out awesome in your game, sometimes you see one beautiful sim and what you get is less beautiful :o
    I like all you said about him, thank you for my french delicate yet masculine sim x3
    looking forward to some pics =)

    Also, your babbling was great :p you bad girl with a big gentle heart !

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. You're totally right, some sims are totally not as advertised :/ But Blood is even hotter than I thought! He will be the leading model for my new male fashion thing *.*!
    A bad girl with a big gentle heart. No one ever desribed me in such beautiful words! *.* <3

  12. aww ♥ I can't wait, though I'm a little nervous x)

    yes you are =) that's totally what I can see through your words !

  13. I love it !^--^ Very attractive.
    and btw Where'd you get the pose set?

  14. Is there another link for the poster set??? Forgive me if I missed it, but I've been unable to find another working link. I have a group of playboy sims who have the condoms, beer, and magazines, but it's been surprisingly hard to find sexy sim posters. If anyone could help out, I'd really appreciate it!