Friday, November 18, 2011

Hell Bent For Leather II AM Leather Pants and Gloves Conversion.

Some brotherly love is a pleasure for all. For me, at least.

How was that PETA's slogan going? I'd rather go naked?
Welcome back, sweethearts, welcome back. 
Don't you think that males are generally neglected in TS3? My poor beauties have to wear all the same stuff over again. Sometimes I like to dress them up in eaxian librarian couture for fun, but it gets boring quickly. Store makes it a bit better, but hey, EA have to screw up something. Always. So they did with the bondage pants from the Harajuku set. I felt like it was lacking something....
So I made 'em leather! Leather always makes things better. And sexier, of course. I also added some useless details, like zippers and studs. Mesh is included, so you don't need Ea's version to work. I shouldn't have included the mesh, but you already know what you must send me to prison. 
I finally enabled eaxian biker gloves for boys, too. Hey, I got an idea for the contest! 
Answer the question Why the hell EA didn't enable biker gloves for studs? and win a special prize!
 This time it looks good in the other colors. Finally hipsters can have their camel leather. And Voldi his bubblegum pink!
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Don't you think he resembles Christina Aguilera a bit?

And finally, a sexy song for you. Although I don't like the video. Lezdom is mainstream.

And speaking of Danzig, I just DIED after watching THIS. Check it out!
It actually sounds cool, Shakira should go rock : D


  1. I love this textures! Thank you

  2. Thank U guys *.* I'm honoured!
    Aww, CC making is time-consuming. It's already 3.00 AM here X.X

  3. Hi do you still plan on retexturing the shoulder blouse for people who would like it but thought it was a bit radiant?

  4. I absolutely adore your creations! Thanks so much for sharing :D

  5. *grabs leather stuffs* (finally, got the gloves for men ! ♥) thank you !!

    T^T this blond guy frightens me ! *runs away*

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  7. Sooo I'm back. Seems like I'm suffering from insomnia <.< *drinking carrot juice*
    Good you have reminded me. I had totally mate version ready-to-upload, but I forgot. Maybe today evening (here :P it's 9.11 AM when I'm writing this post)
    But... did you try this in game or you're judging on the pictures? I started to suspect I uploaded a crappy demo version with a test mesh specular X.X
    <3 Thaaank U! I'd be honoured to see some of them on your lovely simmies *.*
    @Half Blood, Half Sand
    Weeeee! You're back <3 I thought U don't like me anymore ._. I'm glad I did something useful for U *.*
    I wonder if Blood would like to do some modelling for me because I'm somehow out of decent looking male simmies. I promise I won't dress him up in skirts and heels :D
    Yea, U got to run because Voldi ass ramms everything alive! X.X or just wear steel panties when visiting my blog :D:D

    cheers sweethearts, now I'm gonna clean up my chamber of pleasure xD

  8. *Jaw drops* I don't think I have any excuse now to not make the band Short Stack into sims...

    It's really too bad I'm not playing my share house with the gay boys in it anymore. Could've stuck them in this and made it the first thing people see when they go on my blog... lol...

  9. I love your stuff!!!Thanks so much for sharing your work <3

  10. "Why the hell EA didn't enable biker gloves for studs? and win a special prize!"

    Because that would have made sense?

    Excellent work as always. Leather is a game staple imho and there is no such thing as too much leather.

  11. of course I still love you, sweetie ! I don't talk (write) much except when I want to thank someone =)

    well, I'm not used to share my sims, but maybe I could do it for you ? (I would have to upload him somewhere, right ?)

    *stays hidden in tiny hole to avoid blond guy*

  12. Gracjan rządzi. Fajnie jest wiedziec ze jest wiecej osob o tak spaczonym guscie co do dodatkow jak i muzyki (gracek <3) pozdrawiam

  13. Thank U all!
    I think we have winner. Rhiannon, you have won a lollipop!
    I checked the band, Courtney. They made some very nice music! You should definitely make 'em and post, because they are cute, too.
    Half Blood, Half Sand.
    Do it the way that is comfortable for U. My @ is
    Blood surely deserves some worldwide fame!
    Nie wiedziałam, że też jesteś z Polandii X.X Twoja kiecka z iksami na sutach szondzi xDDD podobnie jak Gracjan *dodaje HardCandy do linków*

  14. @Wik :D They are my favourite band. I will make them, it just might take me a while because I'm such a perfectionist. Thank you for checking them out :)

  15. Is there any chance that you are going to re-upload some of your older stuff somewhere other than mediafire - apparently all your files have been pulled from their site (idiots) :( And I would love to have them.