Sunday, July 1, 2012

Lace and satin corset. Manwhore Edit!

Sims3crap and package format inside

Hiya my tiny gummiberries!
Thank you for the nice welcome-back! Still I'm kinda disappointed you didn't make a welcome back party with baloons and clowns. :( Next time remember, I need the stuff like this. My parents never have made me a birthday party at McSatan's. <SAD SAD FACE> That was kind of a luxury thing back when I was young. Holy crap, I'm still young and it's still kind of the luxury in Poland anyway... at least for country people.

A random thought has come to my brilliant mind - with a very small selection of the male clothing in our community, soon there will be moar trannylicious crap than the regular crap! Thanks to me, ha!
Today upload is kinda clear. Moar manwhore crap for you! Corset, pants, stockings (let me know if you want them for females, because I don't know, there are so many stockings in the sims world) and undershi(r)t which I forgot to make pic of. Who needs a male undershirt anyway, male nipples are just fucking delicious. XD
What more I can tell you? Let's see what our satisfied customers said 'bout our product!

Forsetti el Pisiorro, 28, stripper at the gay club:
"Von Frege INC corset is fapalicious! It helped me improve my stage performance. THANK YOU!"
Alejandro Canaliorra, 26, full time gigolo:
"Yeah, I like how the deep shade of pink compliments my perfect tanned skin and flawless mocca hair."
Lordi Voldi, 40, newlywed wife:
I was so nervous for my wedding night! You know, it was my first time doing IT! But vonFregeINC lingerie gave me more self-confidence and it was brilliant! THANK YOU!
Paweuchi-chan, 24, member of the brutal blackened metal band:
[enthusiastically] NO PLEASE! I meant it's the best thing I have ever worn!

Cyril Leon le Fagot, 22, aspiring millionaire:
Can't talk, I'm busy with making money.

As you see, every guy needs it! Go get it XD
Fuck yeah, it's understood, necro-feeling great, necro feeling good.
Well well, is someone stealing donuts from the photo set? X.X
Naughty naughty boy... ^^

I'm almost done. There're two more things you HAVE TO do. NOW.
1. Like me on FACEBOOK if you like to play with dolls!
This one is kinda expensive, from the bored cougar gold limited edition, but you can also get almost the same "My sweet little Voldi", made in China but still not so easy to destroy!

2. Vote for my son Stefan (White Crow) in the NFA contest! If he doesn't win, I'll lock him up in the basement, with no dinner and big black dildo up his ass or maybe not the bitch would love it so... the choice is yours.

Also, if you haven't done it yet, HERE you can grab my older stuff which was deleted by mediafire.

And this is the song for an asshole who made things that way!


  1. Fuck It! XD
    Your the best and will ever be the best XD

  2. Oh this is awesome - Thank you so much :)

  3. yep. see, i'm gonna have to ring your arse for making me laugh this hard after being so sick all weekend.

  4. AHahah... You are fantastic,Wik!


  6. This is so hot!! Thanks for keeping the sexy and great work!

  7. Now my Frank N. Furter sim shall be a TRUE transvestite <3 THANK YOUUU!

  8. I needed to download this again because my game crashed and it can't be downloaded :( So sad!

  9. Can you reuploded the Download Link. It don´t works. I always get the message File not found.

    Greatings Serapine

  10. I deleted it because the bottom was naked. but now I want it again to use in my fairy man but it's giving me file not found

  11. can you make a bunny outfit for mens too? please?

  12. Indeed, the download does not work. :c Lovely work though!

  13. I love you<3 thank you for this!!!

  14. Duuude, I need me some panties for these guys! u.u come baaack