Monday, June 25, 2012


My staff greets TSR

As you know, my crap was deleted by mediafire thanks to the wonderful site The Shit Resource.
I wasn't the only one of their victims. See details HERE.
I decided to save that precious cultural heritage. It took me forever, something like 666 zillions cups of tea. X.X
Let me know if I messed up something. It's a strong possibility! Too many files, I almost started to regret I have been so active X.X
I have to admit I consider some of pay TSR artist very talented and awesome people. I don't judge 'em.. maybe they were starving or saving for a cogenital heart defect surgery? (However, they could choose prostitution. It's a noble job compared to selling on TSR)
I warn you TSR, you do it again and I'll splish splash you in a bloody bath!
Okay, list of the updated stuff:

I HAVE ENOUGH. >.< I'm off for a long waaaaaaaaaaalk.
It was a pain in the ass so give me a lot of love and like me on FACEBOOK if you don't support payshites!


  1. YAY! Thanks so much. What a pain in the ass for you! But thank you for re-uploading :)

  2. Hi Wiktoria, which is all this??! completely unaware of it, say you "they" had removed all the downloads?

    I feel all this and I'm glad you were able to recover all your work

  3. yeahhh ... downloading now :)

  4. You're welcome, Blonde Chaos! Have fun!

    Thank U SunsetSims for publishing my post! I was one of the creators which files were deleted by mediafire because someone reported them for violation.
    And that was our dear friend, pantokrator Thoma$$
    everything is written here: (I messed the details link)
    funny thing I have done no crime against them, except for calling them "the shit resource"
    I haven't recoloured their pay meshes even.
    Nevermind, all we can do is fuck them
    Thank U for staying independent and publishing the truth!
    Also thank for posting my stuff - majority of my visitors come from SunsetSims
    I love U!

  5. I many others have had your "punishment" for being a "bad girl"...

    Thank you for sharing, kisses****

  6. This is some straight up bullshit. Like I can understand to an extent why they had my stuff deleted, and that's because I was retexturing and fixing SkySims and Cazy stuff, but this just really pisses me off. Thoma$$ needs to get a taste of his own medicine.

  7. Love your creations! They Rock!!!!!!!!!

  8. I like your "ALL CRAP" xD

    Ciao from Italy !!

  9. I can totally believe they pulled this - I can't believe people still bother with them at all.

    I'm glad you were able to save them, but your new download site won't let me download anything until I pay them to join their SpeedyShare Premium service for $10 US/1 month. Is there anywhere else I might find these?

  10. I'm having the same problem as Jillyson, I can't download anything because it wants me to pay for a premium account. Do you think you could upload these files anywhere else? I really really love them!

  11. AHHH.. DAMN LINKS ! Hope you can fix them soon. : )