Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Punkish jackets! LATE NIGHT REQUIRED!

I always wanted this jacket to look more punk. Now I have my CC creator superpowers (bueheheh) and I did it! My version is made of lusty, shiny leather with studded collar, zip details and optional back designs! There are four. 
Misfits logo back. I'm not a crazy Misfits psychogroupie. I just think their merchandise is some kind of classic now.
"Your pretty face is going to hell". I always loved this quote and song.
Studded back.
No shit on the back.

Of course if you are a nasty hipster and you enjoy watching korean soap operas you can have your leather any colour you like, but I wear mine black. Just like Joan Jett.
The shirt is working the same way as old, so you can put any pattern or colour you like. I edited just the jacket.
Custom thumbnails included. Yay!
These are for ADULT FEMALES, of course. I have to say I really like the result.
Elle est belle et son prenom est Bonnie

My inspirational songs. Everyday is a good day to share good music.

Pretty decent polish cover.
Motorcycle ass fucking, huh?
A blog entry without a homosexual isn't a blog entry!

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