Friday, August 10, 2012

Mesdames et Monsieurs! Je vous présente le Pink Shrimp burlesque troupe!

All Hail to Daluved1 for the wonderful manwhore pump mesh! I will always love U <3
Sorry I haven't changed my links yet. I was not in the mood for such a boring thing. I'd probably commit suicide or what. 
But yeah, I'll do it soon. Soon.
Also pardon for my terrible french talking try. I can't speak french because I prefered french sex over the french lessons back in the high school. 

So today I bring you sexy manwhore tutus and even moar sexy manwhore boots. The boots are cool and were extremely easy to make. I just took EAxis base game female hooker boots textures and slapped it over Daluved1 male pump mesh because I hate pointy boots. Only very cheap hookers wear it. 

And tutus? The only thing I need to tell you is that the Pink Shrimp use them for their shows. What? You don't know them? 
Turn on Flashdance theme now, it's time for A Very Moving Dance Story!

The Pink Shrimp is the dance troupe formed by Lordi Voldi after his desertion from the afghanistan army.
He realised his only dream is to become a famous dancer and kill some gypsy whores.
He recruited his friends, just married unemployed gay homeless hobo couple, Phemyslav Pisiorek and Michaił Nastyodorov.
They started as a transvestite polish folk dance and singing group but even the old ladies were throwing eggs and tomatoes at them.
But Voldi never gives up.The bad time lasted till they met a famous gold digging whore, Alejandro Canaliorra, who joined the group and told them where the money comes from:
Sex Cougars - saving homeless orphans with the serious heart diseases from the starvation death since the birth of Christ (probably earlier but it sounds catchy).

They become a male burlesque cheap porn show troupe and won the hearts of men and women from all over the world. Their spectacular show included brief stage outfits, plushy unicorn props and and a lot of shit machine shakin'!
When I hear the music, close my eyes, feel the rythm...

Resourceful Alejandro gave his Totally Heterosexual And Absolutely Not Obssesed With Gypsy Male Sluts friend, P-san, a position of trust. Because P-san has a really impressive knowledge of music, he plays mp3 from his laptop during their shows! For blow free!
 However, he admits he tends to fuck up the playlist just because of the mess in studio...:/
Uhmm... What a feeling....

It means Gojira instead of Scissor Sisters, but the crowd doesn't mind it at all!
I can have it all, now I'm dancing for my life...
Pictures come alive, you can dance right through your life...
WHAT A FEELING! That was a really stinky one...
What a feeling, I can really have it all now!
I am music now! I am rythm now!
In a flash it takes a hold of my heeaaaaaaaart....
Pictures come alive when I call, call, call WHAT A FEEEELING!

They got so freakin' famous even Lady Gaga hired them for I RIPPED OFF ALMOST EVERY CLASSIC, TIME FOR ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW & INTRUSIVE PROMOTION IN LGBT ENVIROMENT WORLD TOUR which promotes her new album, My Fans Think I'm Weird And Unique Because They Are 12 Years Old Gay Hairdressers Who Never Heard About Cyndi Lauper, Nina Hagen And Wendy O' Williams with the hit single Dance Pop Becomes An Art When You Are Naked In The Bathtub!
Gaga ulalala wants your bad romance!

[Thankies for Gaga Sim and clothes for Gaga Store]

This is how that beautiful story ends. Voldi's dreams come true and the rest of the group have their x-tra money. *cries*

So that may be everything. I have no idea what I'll do next. 
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*goes to like herself on Faisbook*
Awww, do I actually need that much? Just lifetime supply of carrot juice and green olives, access to Comedy Central TV channel and maybe, ummm, 20 amazingly pretty boys who play frisbee in my garden. Nude.
Also, please comment on my crap, I really really really love your comments :3

BAM! I'm off to do some Flashdance in the middle of the night!

Ah, Gaga Monsters, it's not like I don't like Lady Gaga. I like Lady Gaga and her song Marry The Night is one of the best of its genre (but not better than Flashdance...what a feeling! xD). Awww. Beautiful. (I post it here because I know someone who doesn't know this song. No, he is no alien.)


  1. Oh YAY!
    Do the skirts have the panties under them? :D
    (I would not mind if they don't :D)

  2. Play Indiana Jones and check out what's underneath yourself ];->
    (Also, answering your question, yes I'm gonna release the gypsy manwhore Alejandro soon)

  3. Your posts make me laugh so hard I actually need to go pee now.

    That is all.

    Oh, and get Tumblr so I can follow you!

  4. Delicious! Thanks!

  5. You made the manwhore skirt *eep*

    Oh, I need to make some poses for it and then put my male sims in it with the skirt and...

    Uhm, yeah. I love the skirt for females and sure as hell for males ;D

  6. I LOVE the tutus and boots--thanks! (and brilliant Gaga dig in the description--I like her songs, but her video/stage gimicks are just Madonna/Cindy Lauper ripoffs for the 21st century; I agree.) (MurfeeL)

  7. OMG if you release Alejandro...the hot'n naughty dreams of (me) my Simmies will come true..sooo do it FAST *.*

  8. Um, I hate to say this, but I can't download from any of your creations. It may just be a problem with my computer, though. But I tried from another creator and it worked fine, so...... you may have to pay a visit to The Shit Resource again.... :(

  9. Sweetie, you are good at this! I love all your stuff, but i can't download some of them (especially all the manwhore stuff) because they say i need a premium account. Really thought things were for free ;/

  10. Omg you bastard I'm in love with you.

  11. With the Ja ja ja jacket, and both the skirt and boots won't download... I think you should have a different download link- like Mediafire or something. Just a thought! LOVE YOUR AMAZING PRODUCTS!! c:

  12. The tutus to be down unless I've missed a reupload somewhere (boots are still up). :c It would be lovely if you could reupload because these are fantastic. :,D