Saturday, August 25, 2012

197 666 Born Son Of A Bitch! Male Jeans + All Links Updated!

Hiya cuties!
I'm happy to announce that ALL THE CRAP is downloadable again! Some links still have to be changed but works for today so I take care of them tomorrow (I'm kinda busy today with the world domination). I can't figure out that premium speedyshare thing, it's totally random. X.X Files should be safe now on, it will probably survive the zombie apocalypse. Future historians will have some material to work at. In the Age of Faisbook, people had very bad taste in clothes and heterosexualism didn't existed....

Today I bring 197 666 Born Son Of A Bitch male denim pants for you to enjoy! These were inspired by Wednesday 13, a sexy motherfucker with personality. I have been fangirling him for years. I simply love all his musical projects from Frankenstein Drag Queens from Planet 13 to Bourbon Crow and his persona simply makes me smile all the time, even when I'm PMS-ing. The guy just gives me positive vibrations. xD

At first I wanted to make a faithful copy of Wed's pants but it turned out to be more my design. Only suspenders are the same, I think. So the result is extremely tight skinny denim destroyed pants with the cool loose o-ring suspenders. I like having suspenders like that, it's pointless and fun xD Pants were meant to look grungy and punky but it turned out gay :(
Maybe it's because they're offensive to balls? Not that I think homosexualism is offensive to balls, but... ewww, whatever. Gay guys are chic, aren't they?

Yeah, pretty much of package is shown here and such views can turn your teenage son into a queer slut so...

There are three recolorable areas: main area, area around the holes and the wipes. Looks better in light colors for meh but feel free to have it your way. Everyday, formal and career categories.

Just because Voldi is having a holiday in the sun on Sunlit Tides...
Awwwwwwwww yeahhhhhhhhhh baby, goooooooood....

My guest model for today is Gayest Guy On Earth!
Musical commentary for the picture above: CLICK
Some moar pictures:
Some good old jailhouse rock yaoi...

So yeah it's all about jeans. Three more requests for ya:
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Directed by Wiktoria von Frege, soundtrack by Paulie Slutbanger, memorable appearances of The One Pretty Blonde Guy and lordi Voldi's giant cock

2. Comment on my stuff if you like it.

3. Teach me british upperclass accent in two weeks or I'll be lost.



  1. Yay! Hehe tight, ball-hugging, nut cupping jeans XD I love them!

  2. These are really nice! Thanks so much for sharing! Mesh and texture are A+

    And lmao @ Voldi's random vacation pic. His stomach is going through the table o_o

  3. Really love your stuff! ♥ My boys love it too)

  4. I love it!!! BTW, I have a random question: WhiteCrow is your son? Your REAL son?

    1. Sure am I.
      What do You think?
      She was pregnant with me when she started visiting School.

      Lovely Junks, Natalia <3 xD
      Keep up the Quality.
      And do not steal, like other Peoples do xDDD

  5. Thanks for the nice words, guys! I love, love, love U <3
    @Jasumi, when I was doing the crap I just thought you may like it, ha!
    Hell nope, do I really look that old? :P But he's my young friend and I love him <3 Awww it just sounds wrong xD Old enough to breath, old enough to bleed, old enough to pee then he's old enough for me.

  6. @Nazi
    Be nice for people who visit my blog and go do your homework xD

  7. OMG I LOVE them soooooooooo........ much

  8. I love them!!! Thank you so much!

  9. You truly are the most gorgeous popsicle in the universe, thank you for being better than the average weird! :D

  10. hi!, i love it!!, and i love the boots!!!!, where i can found them?, thanks!, i love your blog!

  11. Your cloth is so sexy. Thank you for making and sharing! I love it)

  12. i really love your style !! I lOve ittt !!! Nice Work !!!

  13. I'm very happy when I see my poses in your photos, love your stuff <3 you're amazing <3

  14. You HAVE TO tell me, where you got those awesome boots your sim models are wearing on the pictures :D

  15. Hey there lovely!

    I'm just wondering if you'd mind if I reused the bondage straps from this wonderful set for some cropped bondage jean-type-bottoms I want to do, full credit of course.

    Regardless of your answer, I adore your CC! Now that I've actually finally bookmarked your site, I'll have to crack the whip on gelydh and have her put your site on our links list. ;)


  16. i cant download this :( that bullshit not loading. plz reply, i want this jeans so badly