Thursday, February 7, 2013

Lace Tights II


There will be no blah blah blah, drama, unicorn, drag queens and narwhals in this post because I'm exhausted and I do feel sick today ._. However I do want to share this little thing. I was making a new lace texture for You Can Fuck Both Holes Today Day Valentine's Day lingerie set and I thought I can do a pair a nice tights, too. So here are the results. For teens, young adults,  adults and elder. Everyday, Formal and Career categories. Custom thumbnail, too.

Da pix.

Okay. That's all.
/end of a blitzkrieg upload with lazy previews
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  1. very sexy! Thank you! Just love them!

  2. Dzieki skarbie :P
    Exactly what I was looking for

  3. speed share won't let me download them. D:

  4. These are awesome.
    I can't download them though unless i purchase a Speed Share account. Could you possibly consider uploading them somewhere else as well?

  5. Cant download, hun. :( I'll just go stay in this corner right here and be depressed.