Saturday, October 27, 2012

Random Alice Cooper Song Title Dress! F/YA/A

Two formats inside

Hello weirdos!
I want to change something in my blog but I'm not quite sure what it should be. That's why I did another stupid poll! You can find it in the right section of the blog. Go vote!
I also re-uploaded the skirts thanks to Venus Princess100. *le big heart*
Those of you who keep askin' me about this and that, I don't have the stuff right now, you have to wait.

Okay. What we have here, uhmmm. A dress. I wanted to name it after one of Alice Cooper's song but I couldn't decide so you can call it Snakebite dress or the fucking House of Fire dress, your choice. Just don't call it It's me dress because I fuckin' hate that song. OK, whatever.
Remember my EA store jacket made separate and de-glittered? An outfit Anubis has made lately reminded me of the fact I FREAKING LOVE THAT JACKET and I need it to come with every outfit and every top in my game! X.X But you have to start with something, right? So I dug some corpses, added this and that and frankensteined that bitch! The process was quite a pain in the ass, but hey, I think the effects are worth my suffering! 
For extra sexiness, I paired the jacket with extremely tight dress which caresses the sim's womanly curves in a gentle way. It enhances bust and gives ya THAT ASS effect xD

The outfit is pretty versatile I think, it can suit many tastes. You can make it either your petite noir that goes with your black leather and big black boots or paint it neeeooonnn green and add some cthulhu pattern, it's up to you.
I also added a skele-tuned version, perfect for a Hallow's eve time. Just remember to not use it as a prop to teach children anatomy because it's fuckin' anatomically incorrect! Actually, I recommend not to use anything from this site to teach children. And being careful witch teaching children anatomy in general.
Enabled in Everyday, Formal and Career categories. Three fully recolorable versions. Yay! Base game compatible. Fuck yeah.
Okkkaaay let the pictures do the talking:

Do NOT ask me about this hat! It's my private conversion of Q3tbo's sims 2 biker hat and I'm not gonna share it because she will kung fu me ._>(So why did I use it? Because I'm a bitch, that's why XD) And yes, it's not the porno mags nor problems with parents,  Q3tbo made me the way I am today....
Whoopsie, a wrong picture....

Hey you, it's true, you suck, fuck you!
That's all, I think! I hope you enjoy the dress. Please report me if any problems appear. I wish you happy rocky horror style Halloween!
Wiq Horror Fap Fap Show

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Comment on my stuff and play nice because X-mas is getting near and Santa may skip ur house!

I won't give you a song today because I still can't decide between Snakebite and House of Fire! xD


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    1. But hates you and says your out of bandwidth.


  3. AWESOME!!! Thank you for sharing!!

  4. This is so awesome :D

  5. Sooo sexy! I love them! (And I also want those man-corsets again, pleaseee, my manwhore simmies so-need them back T_T )

  6. I have the bandwidth problem with all your uploads. :(
    I want to download aaall your stuff, but no links seem to lead me anywhere but to sites telling me I can't download (box and mediafire)!
    Boo on them for making it impossible to grab your amazing stuff. </3
    You (or someone else) should make a folder somewhere, where we can download all your wonderful older and newer stuff. :)

  7. I second the corsets on the men. Darn you q3tbo and sshodan. Wicked people starting me off on this delicious icecream path of fishnet and manwhoredom.

    Also, hope you have happy holidays and much luck in your manwhore collecting adventures.

  8. Weird, I can't download it. It says I need to be premium.

  9. awww I can't download it either says no found

  10. I can't download it, it says that the file size is too big and needs to be okayed by me, then shows this diagram of where to okay the download [but it doesn't exsist]... -_- I WANT THESE!!! And some of your other a-man-zing creations are too big and need to be "okay"ed as well.. -_-