Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Manwhore of the Year 2012 - End of the Contest!


Thanks for all your votes and comments! :D 
I'm happy to announce the winners:

The title of Manwhore of 2012 goes to Alejandro with 45 votes!
The first vice-Manwhore of the year 2012 is Blondie, voted 43 times!
And last but not least, Paveuchi becomes the second vice-Manwhore of the year, having 37 votes!

Those guys will be uploaded in the first place! 
Probably quite soon, I'm gonna do it between one piece of cake and another! :D

Voldi is raging because he missed out on crown! He has 36 votes.

A special audience prize goes to Michaił Nastyodorov who wins the title of Everyday Hero, because the crowd can relate to him!

Maybe I will host a Womanwhore of 2012 contest, too.

So yeah, I hope you're having a wonderful X-mas time. Wear a warm scarf everytime you leave!


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