Sunday, April 21, 2013

New Toddler Dress!


Howdy cowboys! ;d
I feel famous!
That feeling when someone fangirls you xD Now where are my giant sunglasses? I'm probably so famous I can't go outside without being chased down by paparazzis... damn, i wanna be left alone just like Greta Garbo :C 
*sending <3 to Elmeris>*

Today I bring you a new summer dress for toddlers. I like toddlers in game, they are cute and their poo doesn't stink (on my side of the screen, at least). It's avaiable in everyday and formal categories and it's only for the little girls. Again, sorry Pedobear, no little boys in drag!

It has four recolorable areas. I really like how the lace detail on the top turned out!

Ok, that's it! I hope you enjoy. I'm planning to do more toddler stuff. Now go and like me on FACEBOOK or the baby will die!
Voldi having a Michael Jackson moment...

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