Saturday, April 21, 2012

Lingerie Set IV Me Gusta Edit! His Soft Spot!

(both formats in the archive) 

Hiya my sweet little ponies!
I realised my toyboys must be bored with wearing the same shit all the time.
So I decided to convert my lastest set for the manwhores, too.
First the technical stuff:
As my befriended professional manwhore experienced in crossdressing said:
"Hiding your junk is the hardest part"
Not that I know any professional manwhores experienced in crossdressing. I'm a good girl
So let's just pretend my simmies mastered this art in the mountains of Shaolin because I forget to install this and I don't feel like making all the pictures again.
It's a mesh default replacement which makes your simmies less.. flat in their dong area when they wear clothing made on EA basic underwear meshes XD
So I recommend using it ;> but the choice is yours
The set consists of underbust lace corset, lace garter belt and accessory panties. Don't forget to get them an accessory dong when u wear it with no pants on pevert, otherwise it will look silly.
OK the pictures:

Voldi got the pooooooooooweeeeeer!

P-san decided he'd rather kill himself than wear this...

.... fortunately he saw a very stong argument not to do this right before his eyes!
Happy family. Again.

Gotta love that attention deficit hyperactivity disorder tongue!

 Good Alejandro's dong is a community property XD

gotta love the cute close-up *.*

.... and another one....
and moaar....
...yeah like that...

Still not maturbating? TAKE THAT!

Ok. I think it's enough for today. If you want to know moar about my manwhores check my infamous porn scenario here and of course like me on FACEBOOK if you love to ride your unicorn in the morning!

And speaking of horses....


  1. lmao @ Voldi o_o

    Oh, and thanks for the garments. lol

  2. I love your stuff! For my hardcore sims orgy it lacks only your ''The Ultimate Ballsqueezers'' but unfortunately it was removed for violation so could you reupload it on SpeedyShare or somewhere? Pleeez :)

  3. I adore this!! Dying of laughter, and adding this to my all time favorites. Keep creating.

  4. From Poland, hmm ?
    Uwielbiam twoje dodatki. Takich ubrań właśnie poszukiwałam.

  5. I've download it but can't find the acc panties T.T
    But the package's already in the folder....

  6. Some of your stuff scares me a bit...but almost everything does so no worries. Just wanted to say that I love your stuff, simply super awesome!

  7. I love Voldie! So cute!

  8. Hi, I love your custom content, however I cant seem to get the "accessory" working. Its only showing me a blue blue suit.. but the head is unaffected. I am also only getting 1 garterbelt shown. Im confused. :(

  9. Hm, that's weird. I have to investigate.

  10. I love this! Can you tell me what poses did you use for the pic "Happy family. Again." and "Gotta love that attention deficit...".

  11. wow this is just perfect <3!!! thank you, my game is now perfect